Character Reactions



“I guess I’ve angered the world.huh that’s strange.” Edward said as he walks back inside his underground bunker.

RT: A small elf is about to give you the adventure of your life but ends up getting killed by your best friend being scared of it.


“Why are you always like this?”
“It yelled ‘Hey, listen!’ all the time and the last one turned my fur green and made it glow at night for a month!”

RT: “It has been how many years now? You really need to get used to this.”


“It’s hard getting used to be surrounded by pieces of shit, but I’ve managed for 3 years, why not more?”

React to: “How many times do I need to remind you? Do you have short-term memory loss or something?”


"Well I did just get hit in the head with a bat, but I guess that doesn’t give me a pass, huh?"He said as he sits up from laying on the floor.

React to: A old lady is yelling at a crowd of rebel teens in front of your family having dinner.


She snaps her fingers and looks at the huge iron Golem next to her chair. “Give us some peace and quiet, will you.” Sounds of people being ripped apart and panicked screams, while she continues eating.

RT: “And you were the fastest sperm? Oh dear…”


"wait I was…The fucking cool bro."He said as his wings began to curl around him(Mind you he is from a race that reproduces asexually)

RT:" So people said you were seeing something…mind I ask what it is?"


A lazy smile. “Depends on what you’re willing to pay for the information.”

RT: "Is there anything else you forgot to tell me that could be vital information? Like… I don’t know, further spells that could kill you when used irresponsibly?!”


He turns to them and gives them a sarcastic grin.“Yeah, want a list of everything I do? I’m hell’s servent, everything I do could kill me”.

RT: " Do you mind telling me why there is huge hole in my wall and why an Elf is sitting on my bed?"


“Oh yeah, I accidentally did that while I was studying for a math test. The Elf? I think it got in on it’s own. He says that he wants to know what you’d like for Christmas.”

React to: listening to soporific music while not being able to sleep (aka, you’re not allowed to sleep)


Mephiles: …I’m starting to think someone is attempting to some kind of sick joke. (turns around) Tyr are you trying to make me fall asleep on my desk again! I swear if it’s you again, I’ll take your stupid head and shred it into a million pieces and take the rest of your stupid being to be a new table for me to snooze on you stupid, little-!!!

React to: A sudden case of craving doughnuts with no bakery in sight.


“But, I want doughnuts, come on, just because we are in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you can’t get me doughnuts, look I might die without them!” other character glances at them “I will, I will.” character throws them an apple “That’s not what I wanted, I said, I wanted doughnuts, not an apple, an apple doesn’t have the sweet taste a doughnut has, and it…” stares at apple for a little while and decides to nibble on it and within a few minutes ends up eating it whole “it’s actually good, do you have anymore?”

RT: being kidnapped by a god or goddess (of your choice) because the god or goddess thinks they are pretty


Jaron: “What the hell.”

React to: “Who did you kill this time?”


“In my story? Oh, just the two characters who were going to be in love. Twas quite fun…since it ended any possible romance…” does an evil writer grin



Mephiles: “…what the reverse is a Star Wars? How do stars have wars, what the freaking freak are you talking about?”

React To: Bumping into a local idol after a concert


‘Damn he’s cute in person’ Edward thought as his idol hands Edward back his phone.

RT: When your dick friend somehow is not a total dick when you return in sobbing tears after a breakup.


“Wow, thanks. Love you too.”

React to: A pair of yellow eyes staring at them from the window at midnight.


Ami: screams. grabs gun that she barely knows how to use Di immortales!

React to: waking up in a dark room with no idea how they got there


“What…when did I get here? Am I drunk?”

RT: “ Dude you just downed 5 liters of coke cola do not eat those mints.”


“Oh, yeah? Who’s gonna, like, stop me?” eats a few mints “… This was a mistake…” implodes

React to: “Hey, can I take some of your hair for my voodoo doll? I won’t hurt it, I promise!”


“Well sure but if you can find any.” She said as she took how her hoodie to reveal a bald head.” I wish I had some…Stupid Chemo” She said as she threw back up her hoodie.

RT:” Dude, no. Remember when you got high on pixie sticks?”