Character Reactions



Mephiles: EXCUSE ME!!! What do you mean “when you got high on pixie sticks” What even are freaking pixie sticks? How would I get high on one, when I don’t even know what such a thing is or looks like? And even worse is that I’ve never gotten high off of any sticks of any kind, let alone something that sounds likes its a fairy mon infatuation stick. Okay, that’s it, who are you so I can find you and get to the bottom of this, else I’ll FIND YOU AND WHEN I DO-!!

RT: “Sorry dude, apparently you can’t come with us to the party, my bad.”


“It’s fine, I’m going to be here, eating away my heart.”

RT: “ Who the hell put the toaster oven on 11?!”


“Me!” Ray said, raising his hand from where he was sat eating his toast that was on fire a minute ago. “I hooked it up to my Steam powered Nixie clock, and the dial just did a 360 before bursting into flames” Ray said with a shrug.

RT: A telemarketer calling them.


Tyr: oh hang on just a minute, got to get my wallet. (evil giggling as he turns up the input and blows an air horn into the phone) I call it, paying for being daft and deaf, HA! (slams phone back on)

RT: “Look behind you”


Rose: screams
Ben: doubles over laughing “R-Rose. You didn’t even look yet!”
Rose: “But–”
Ben: trying and failing to stop laughing “I-I just wanted to point out the meteors–”
Rose: “I hate you.”

React to: “You, and me, together, ya ya ya–” eh?


Sips from coffee before setting his mug down, getting up, grabbing his jacket, and leaving. “If you haven’t noticed, there’s no room for love in my cold, dead heart. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go lead my country to ruins” Ray said as he left.

RT: Their college professor looking to the class, having asked “Anyone want to answer?”


“Yeah is it we don’t fucking care?” He said as Ash falls out of their seat laughing.

RT:” So you’re not crazy? You sure honey?”


Mephiles: Did you just call me “honey”?..Of course, I’m not crazy, but you calling me honey means you are. Why is that? Only a sick twisted twerp like yourself would say something like that to me and not expect to lose a limb.

RT: “A herd of puppies is running your way!”


Oooh, I like him*


“Yay!”ash said as Ed turned to her.
“ aren’t you allergic?”
“ it’s a beautiful way to die”

Rt: “Some people say Disney is the happiest place one earth but-“


“There are like twenty kids crying over there and that guy in the Mickey Mouse costume could be frowning and regretting their life choices for all you know” Ray said, eating cotton candy as he passed by.

RT: A hated relative knocks on your door.


Funny thing is, Mephiles is a guy. (at least if you were talking about him, if not feel free to ignore)

Ciecro: (opens it…socks the person in the face and locks the door)


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RT: getting a barrel amount of pickle juice poured on your head.


growls “So, this is the way you disagree with me?” shakes pickle juice out of hair
“Well, you made a very bad choice…One your sure to regret, and do you really want to know what I’ll do to you?”
Rt: Your character gets turned into a salamander


*crawls around trying to find a hooman *

RT: “Kpop is better than classical music dummy, you should listen to it sometime!”


Ray drops his coffee mug in shock. He looks to the speaker with wide eyes. He then pulled out his revolver and aimed it directly at the speaker.

“Now you listen here you little shit! If you so dare as breathe I will smatter your fucking brains across my newly painted walls. Bethoven’s classical music was called classics for a reason you uncultured filth!” Ray ranted, finger on the trigger.

RT: A Starbucks employee incorrectly saying your character’s name


Ravenna: “It’s fucking easy, alright? It’s fucking easy to say. Like, where did that “t” sound even come from?!”

React to: Their best friend is hovering over their bed in the middle of the night with a butcher’s knife in hand.


“Oh hey buddy! We planning on assassinating the president again?”

React to: “Have the drugs kicked in yet?”


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I guess I assumed that he was a girl bc I’ve heard that name on gals before. :joy: sorry about that!