Character Reactions



“No, so get that screwdriver away from me!”

React to: clouds shaped like ice cream


“Now, I’m getting hungry bother…” turns to other character “Can you please, get me ice cream as soon as possible? No, why not? Can’t you see that I’m starving, again, I might die, I really might die, if you don’t feed me…”

RT: “…this is the police, we have you surrounded.”


“Oh crap, can I use my powers to kill all of you and bring you back to life once I’m safe?”

React to: “Wanna watch The Office on Netflix all day with me?”


(charming, isn’t she.)



Mephiles: "I don’t fucking care if it was your nerves breaking down due to finding out your mother fucking died; you don’t drop the stuff I ask you to carry! If you do, then frankly you clean it up before I make a bigger mess, that is your insides on the floor! Why do I HAVE TO GET ALL THE STUPID, MORONIC, SELF-CENTERED, IDIOTIC, LAME, INCOMPETENT, OVERLY-SIMPLISTIC, LAZY, GOOD FOR NOTHING, DAFT, DUMB NIMRODS TO HELP ME! ‘Oh, but Mephiles this is all we can spare’ Well if this is ‘all you can spare’ you can take a spare right up your ass and let me do it for myself if this is the best you can do!

RT: finding a wallet in your chouse that belongs to someone questionable


Well Doll’s house has security cameras, soooo —

React to: “YOU!”


“I swear, I didn’t raid the cookie jar!”

React to: Getting murdered


Jade: dies

React to: running out of chocolate


lol Good job~!



RT: Having your best friend stab you.


You people!
Jade: dies

React to: “I am your father.”


“But I thought you were my grandfather.”

React to: A sudden mass herbicide


Mandy shrugs." I’ve handled worse."

React to: Mass suicide


Concerned, Ray pulls on the cord of his parachute. It snapped off. “They don’t work! Fuuuuuucccckkkkk!” Ray screamed.

“You pulled the price tag off moron!” Colin yelled as he fell past Ray.

RT: “Here at Jurassic Park, we went to extreme measures to ensure the T-Rexs never get out. Even the newborns are the most dangerous animals known to ma-OH MY GOD!” The character’s tourguide said, stopping to stare at the gaping hole in the fence of the Tyranosaur enclosure.


“Cool! Have fun with that!” runs like hell away

React to: wakes up cuddled with their crush


“What happened? Did we? No we couldn’t have, he hates me…” He wakes up and stares at me “Why the hell are you here?!”

RT: Passes out after taking a sip from a drink at a party


I will have to drink more Fireball next time He thought as he woke up in another person’s bed Shit how bad was I wasted?
RT: Being a kid when you walk in on your parents having Some fun~


Jaron: Mom, Dad, what are you doi-?

Seliph: (shuts door) nope, nope, you saw nothing. Mom and Dad were doing nothing, so just forget it.

Ciecro: What’s all dah commotion?

Jaron: Mom and Dad were doing something weird and Seliph is all-

Ciero: Bro, why are yah blushin’?

Seliph: No reason, no reason, it’s just hot in here. Damnit poor choice of words

Ciecro: I don’ undehstand.

Jaron: So, Seliph, do you know what they were doi-

Seliph: Hey, I got a good idea. Let’s go play something in the other room and not worry about it.

Jaron: ugh, fine…but I’ll find out what they were doing one day.

Ciecro: pffft okay bro.

Seliph: Good grief, I better get some kind of special reward for saving your asses mom and dad.

RT: Watching a Meteor shower, and a small one lands a few feet away from you.


“Oh hey look! A shooting sta–” meteor explodes violently

React to: “Strike a pose! You’re in a photo shoot, honey.”


“Excuse me? But I’m in a–” camera bulbs flash “what on earth was that?” faints
(probably should mention in the world that they are from cameras don’t exist)
RT: “You would look so cute in this dress!”