character refrence sheet (full body + background) wanted | pay offered xoxox


second drawing by @MoNicole3

what i want: a basic front full body drawing of my character. in a cartoony style. this should be in a box/square where all the info text should be.

Refrence Sheet Examples



gender: female

age: 19

skin tone: white (like completley white, no color)

skin tole refrence

clothes: she’s wearing knee high black socks, and shoulder high black gloves.

clothes refrence


note: yes this character doesn't have clothes, plz do not draw her nude, draw her with smooth body parts (kinda like the sims looks like without the censor bar with no mods). so draw the outlines of her body without adding details.

an example of what i mean (in the note)

accesories: she has black rimmed glasses. she has a necklace which is a short, and holds a black cross. she has black antlers. she has a pet crow, which can be on her person or on the side labeled ‘pet’ (if you want, you can not include the crow at all). she has black a demon tail.

accesories refrence


crow refrence

hair: it’s a long (reaches her waist) black braid with parts of it as the front (check first refrence)

hair refrence

hair color: black ^

back: the third one from here ^

front ^

body details: big eyes, small nose and full lips. double d size breasts, muffin top stomach, realivly slim waist, big hips, in belly button, she stands slouching.

her body type + face type

^ the hourglass (purple)

^ the heart


eye color + shape

the second picture here ^

monolid ^

facial expression


ideas for poses


payment is up to you and can be anything x

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Name: Jasper
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Demon Human Hybrid
Favorite Color: Black
Weapon of choice: Dagger (You can draw it if you like)
Traits: Shy, Funny, Dangerous

If you need extra info, lemme know


i want to try, but gimme a day? Never tried this, but i want to. :grin:

take your time x

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hmm, I might give it a shot?

thank u dear x :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Is that all the info you want on there?
Also, how long is that braid in the second picture?

yes, that is all the info.

it reaches the waist.

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I have more questions though lol, sorry.
What’s her body type like? Do you want that black bird on her shoulder in the drawing?

the triangle one on here ^

if you can, that’d be great! if you can just have the bird on a side as ‘pet’ that’s ok too. if you’re against drawing animals and don’t want the bird at all, that’s fine too.

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Are part of her legs black? (Asking because of the first image).

oh it’s socks! and on her hands it’s gloves

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Okay, thought so lol, thanks. I’ll have in done in the next 2-5 days if that’s okay? Or if you need it earlier…?

take as long as you need

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Swear this is the last question :sweat_smile:
but how long are those socks?

knee high

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What’s her age? After that, i’ll send my version.


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