Character Theme Songs?



yo también escucho música mientras escribo por ejemplo escucho de BTS, y apenas subí una historia y espero ser apoyada ya que me gusta mucho escribir.


I use music while I write to keep myself in the mood and setting of my book. I typically, if the music or a specific song had a heavy creative influence, end up posting it in my chapter for my readers to maybe experience the same feeling.


This is my main character’s theme song. I later found out it refers to Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion, but … eh, let’s go with it anyway.


I also have a playlist for my story, and usually I play a particular song on repeat during the writing of a whole chapter. I have no idea why, but sometimes a particular song catches me and then I can’t play anything else until I’ve written down that last word. The music I use for writing isn’t necessarily what I’d listen to for entertainment. For instance, my last song on repeat has been “Mockingbird” by Eminem, which is very powerful during writing, but wouldn’t appeal to me otherwise.

I guess if I should pick a theme song for my female MC, I think Lightning Crashes by Live would be a good one. But I’m not a 100% content with that choice.


I do this too! I actually have a whole YouTube playlist of just character songs I share with my stuff sometimes.

My current MC’s song is Celldweller- Tainted


image Celldweller has some good stuff