Chat about your experience as a Wattpad user



I’m Chris Potter, and I’m a Product Manager at Wattpad. I’m interested in speaking with people about their experience as Wattpad users.

If you’re interested in participating in a 1/2-hour remote interview over Google Hangouts, please sign up for a time next week below:

Right now I’m looking for folks that are available on Mondays between 3:00 - 4:00 Eastern Time.

There are a limited number of available spots each week, so act now if you want to participate. We’ll send you confirmation details and a reminder after you sign up.





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Done :slight_smile: Thanks for the tag, Mat :slight_smile:


No problem. Have fun


Is it by video, voice or message?


Video, Ayaz @EagleFromAL :slight_smile:

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I seriously want to do this but there’s only one day and two times showing available and they’re both in the middle of my class…:disappointed_relieved:

I had so much to say…


It is showing two days for me- April 2nd and April 9th. Or am I missing something here?


I only have April 1st and 8th showing for me. I thought this was for next week but I guess not.


If I guessed correctly, the schedule is showing the dates according to the Indian timeline.


I guess. It’s weird that the post says next week and none of the times are open until April, though. And only two days. I guess it’s just a small time slot. Still sad I can’t participate. I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts on this.

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[Tight Hugs] :hugs:

I missed out on the last interview link by Zoe 'coz I was in a different timezone and I saw the invite link when I came online 12 hours later.


Yeah, i nearly slept through my interview for that. My alarm didn’t wake me up.

Honestly, user experience is something I care about deeply, probably more than anything else, because I have some strong opinions and Ive always wanted to discuss it. I know the forums are for discussion but it doesn’t feel like anyone cares or hears what i say on here, and it’s not a big topic. If I could do one interview and no others it would be this one, but class has to take precedence because college is for my degree and my job. I won’t make money off of Wattpad no matter how much I love it.

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Hey there,

It’s a voice and video chat using Google hangouts.

I find that I get a much better sense of how people feel about things over video calls than I do with online chats.

Great to see that you and so many others are interested in talking.


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Hi @cbpotter, I see all the openings have been filled. If another spot arises, please do let me know. I’d love to have a chat when it’s convenient for you :slight_smile:


I’ve booked off every Monday between 3:00 and 4:00 Eastern Time (it looks like the calendar defaults to displaying your local time zones though). I believe that I set the calendar to allow for a rolling period of four weeks. I guess this means that new slots will open up every Monday.

My co-worker, Dottie, and I are really excited to chat, so we plan to keep this up and adjust the length of the sessions, and our availability as we learn more.


Aw, well that’s right smack dab in the middle of my class. Earlier would’ve worked better (I’m in cst) cause I get a two hour break from 11-1pm but I guess I won’t be able to join. Just makes me sad cause I was excited to talk to you guys.


I just took a look at the calendar and all of the slots that I’ve set aside over the next four weeks are booked up. There are some Monday afternoons (eastern time) available in April.

Hopefully you can grab one of these slots.


I hope we get the chance to chat. This will be an ongoing thing. After I finish the first month or so of interviews, maybe I’ll try switching up the days or times when we can do the interviews.


Would be nice, I’ll probably lose this thread before then, though. It’s fine, I’m sure others will have far more important input.