Chat Thread For Undiscovered and Self-deprecating Writers #8

Another day, another thread. If you need some positivity and encouragement, come and join us.

Everyone is welcome to the

Chat Thread For Undiscovered Writers

And here’s to our new motto:

The early bird gets the worm, but the snail blazes the trail.

Welcome to the thread of weird undiscovered writers that will become your group of weirdo friends because they be amazing !!! - @TigerGirl110011

If you want to make friends and talk to some fellow undiscovered writers, then join us. Main topics of discussion are genres, stories and characters that we enjoy writing about.

  3. Blur All Cussing
  4. Don’t Instigate Fights and be nice. Don’t be salty, be sweet :slight_smile:
  5. No debates over sensitive topics!

The only rule I really have here though, is to be nice. You should probably blur your swearing here too… Let’s just have fun talking and being our weird selves, okay?

If there is anyone I forgot to tag, let me know please. I don’t want to leave anyone out.

@VioletLouisaThorton @RissaleWriter @PensAreCool1 @ofcourseitriedthat @shakespearian1 @ProjectMyst @ShinomiyaDR @TigerGirl110011 @Patengpat @SylviaWolfe @Sam_le_fou @AmnerisTenjo @NevilletheGryffindor @MathiasCavanaugh @OutrightElm6543 @Azmavath @BarryTheMushroomKing @BeautyistheDisease @Asted1011 @EmeraldStormHeart @Poamzi48585 @OutrightElm6543 @PeachBlossomTea @Mell_Dia @JuniorDragon @Fondness_Fantasies @GhostOfA_Banana @imk @Dountmindme @Davrielle @LaviniaThompson @_ag926 @ZenithRingmaster @HavenStiel @SuchithraBV @absterstheninja @emilyautumn20 @misuthewitch @AspenandMontana @LordOfSalt_1 @mercurycarter @stefanie631

Yaaaasssssss first

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i was about 15 seconds from replying on the last thread and then it closed. grr


Whoops lol

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Uhhhh sorry about that :rofl:


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but hey now there’s a whole new thread i can post on

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lmao it’s chill

just my bad timing haha

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It happens :rofl: now it’s a shiny new thread

Hello! And how are you?

yay brand new stuff

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i’m not dead i guess. how about you

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Yeah, post as many times as you want to :joy:

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im alright :rofl:

mrow x2

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oh i will. i will…

that’s good

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Haha, hello :slight_smile:

I’m in a good mood because Casey was in the last episode of the series :slight_smile:

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