chatting about our stories!

Here we are writing stories about fantasy like witches, vampires, werewolves, magick and twists in between! Let me know about the stories that you’re currently writing and/or have finished. We’ll be friends!


HIII I’M currently writing my book Discover Soulmate and its getting to end soon and I’m so excited for the big twist I have planned lol

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lol same.

what’s your story about?

Currently writing my first book on the Wattpad platform titled “My Love” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I started it in November of 2019 and I was on Wattpad since 2014 only to read… now I am writing!

ooo thats good change!!! I madde my book back in 2014 but I reedit the whole thing and plan to finish now lol

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Commitment! That’s a milestone congratulations on getting it done :pray:t3: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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it’s about an 18 year old man that is fighting to make things better by saving the people he though that hated PM me for more info if you’re cool with that.


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cheonman-eyo :cupid:

I hope your book writing goes well

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Currently doing revisions on a book called Days of Blood and Roses, and I’m on the most recent chapter. I think I might have to add another scene in the previous chapter, but I need to work on the recent chapter first. It’s a dreampunk magical girl book full of action, drama, girlxgirl love scenes and fight scenes. I’ve been working on it since 2017, and it’s crazy!

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I appreciate that thank you so much :innocent::innocent:

No problem!! ik everything will work out well

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ooo good luck !! you got this!!

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I think it’s more the other way around. My story’s got me like the Matrix! Ahhhhh!

Currently reconstructing the final book in my trilogy.

As this book covers specifically how the leading character becomes the eternal enemy. Damning the Nine Worlds. All for a chance to grasp which they most desire. This book ultimately shows what leads to their memories being sealed away in book 1. This book also fasts forward to after the ending of book 1 to show the true ending of the series.

One of the chapters I reconstructed reveals that these events have been foreseen. However, the state of the severity is due to the antagonist. As they tried to resist what was prophesied, ultimately birthing the one who opposes such reason.

In short, these events all connects to each other. In short, it could have been prevented. Though acting based on what could happen not only made it happen, but also severely caused it to be even worse.

The final nail however, breaking that prophecy was to become the eternal enemy. This way, they do gain which they most desire, but also the eternal conflict ends for the character at last.

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if you keep your mind to it. you will get it done

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Can I pm you?

I’m only past the halfway mark, actually. After I finish revisions, it’s back in the writing production phase.