Cheap & Fast Covers {OPEN}

Welcome To Cheap & Easy!

I also do character aesthetics so comment below for that.

It’s cheap, fast & easy. (trying not to make a self deprecating joke here but failing)

Payment is simply leaving a comment on the first chapter of my book: Devilish Instincts

And credit if you use it!

Fill Out The Form

Any face claims?
Inspo, send me links:
Author name:




Lol, would you like to make the cover for the book you’ve been spazzing over? xD

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Have at it xD

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Fill out the form bub! I wanna try my best to make it how you like!

Title: Angel Diaries
Genre: Fantasy
Face claims: just an angel on the front
Mood/Color: between heaven and hell
Name: Rayven Luna Nite
(You’ve read the book, you’ve got the vibe)

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You know… I’m pretty sure you’re not looking for this but I tried…
20190912_015956_0000 20190912_020503_0000

Wrong username but they are amazing, I’d like Rayven Luna Nite instead

Danggit would u use it if i changed it to the correct username? It’s totally fine if you don’t!

It’d still go in the last chapter of all cover designs I was offered, used or not. Everyone gets exposure that way

ohhh and here’s more I made cause I had a lot of fun hehe
20190912_021501_0000 20190912_021217_0000 20190912_021302_0000 20190912_021538_0000

I am in love with the first one! Can you add Mystic Realms Book One to it? That’s the winning cover

Is it possible to give her black wings? If not that’s fine

I’m sorry but that’s not possible for me! :frowning:

does this work? 20190912_024138_0000

Perfect!! We have a winner!

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Bump, here's my book cover I created!


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Title: Best of Me
Genre: Romance
Inspo, send me links: I like the mood, colors, and fonts of “The Boy Most Likely To” by Huntley Fitzpatrick <Wattpad says I can’t include links on this post :(>
Author name: R.C. Quinn

Ah, that’s probably because you’re posting for the first time, I’ll google it and check it out! Also please complete the payment, thank you!


Dear Lord I have no friends.

Title: The Storyteller
Subtitle: no, but if possible I’d like a quote: Title: The Storyteller
Author Name: S. de Mon-Ange
A quote: “Tales are not just tales. They are part of the truth we must seek for and find, no matter the cost.”
Mood/color/inspiration: I’d like the cover to recall the desert and have a warrior in it. If possible, I’d like the title written in burning letters, like this font:

or this:


For the warrior’s aesthetics, I’d like something similar to this but i’d like him to hold a two-handed sword:
Author Name: S. de Mon-Ange
Other: Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see the final result! :heart::blush: