Childhood Writing


Here’s an idea. Why don’t we talk about/cringe over the stories we wrote when we were kids? This should be pretty fun.

I’ll start off. I wrote my first story in first grade. It was about a woman who was terrified of spiders and got trapped in a creepy abandoned house with a huge, talking spider. The spider said he would help her get out if he got to come live in her house instead. I don’t remember how it ended.

Then there was the weird story I made up to tell on the school bus in middle school. It was about a girl who found a strange creature in the woods that later turned out to be an ancient cult’s eldritch deity. It was hella bizarre.


Ahahaha omg I’m cringing so much when I’m thinking about this.

Do you guys know the game Fireboy and Watergirl? I wrote a story on that XD

I also wrote the most unrealistic mystery story ever, and it took place in India because I wanted to take pride in where I came from XD


I was reading some of the creative writing I had to do for school in 4th grade the other day and I was actually kind of impressed with myself? Obviously the plot was super cringy but I used advanced words like ‘meek’ and ‘chortled’ even back then lol


I also had an extensive vocabulary even back then. Everything else just makes me laugh or cringe.


I started oral story telling about my imaginary unicorn friend (I was like 4 lol)


I wrote soooo much Harry Potter fanfiction :joy::joy: Also, some random story where there were only 1 animal from each kind of animal group (like lizards, amphibians, mammals, etc.), including a dragon, for some reason? And they could all talk, and the main character was trying to revive their species lol, it was so stupid. There was also a really old one called “Lavaworld” where little kids would be snatched by the lava monster in the middle of the night and live underground as his slaves


Oh omg something just came back to me
I don’t remember what the book was called, but it was like “Diary of a ____” and it was about some kind of animal?? It’s really hazy in my memory, but I know I tried to write a rip-off of it that was about a spider named Charlotte (this was before I knew there were sites dedicated to names on the internet lol).


Not even joking, the first story I wrote was when I was probably five and just learning how to write. I had just gotten a journal for the first time and I liked a kid named Parker. It was the story of me and a totally-fictional-not-based-on-Parker character named Porter running away and living in a treehouse together after his parents told them they were moving. My sisters read my journal and made fun of me for a long time, but I can laugh about it now. I still kind of wish that my husband and I would go live in a treehouse.


Lol my first story was also in first grade. I think it’s called ‘Anna and dream came true’ something like that.

It’s about a girl who dream about a scary place which actually became a reality. Shrug


The one I remember was a “fanfiction” about a famous person (a 27 years old man to be precise) that I wrote when I was 11, in which a teenager (like, 14) was put in an arranged marriage with said famous person. It was 4 written pages long and included her being mad at the arranged marriage openly in front of the wedding guests and cursing at future-husband/famous-person. For some reason famous-person (who was famous in the story too) wanted to marry a 14 yo and thought the arranged marriage with someone he had never seen before was a great idea. Obviously he loved her from the first time he laid eyes on her at the wedding but she was rebellious and took a while to like him back, doing everything she could to push him away in the meantime, which never worked.

:joy: :joy: :joy:
somehow it seemed like a great & believable story to my 11 yo self. I still cringe when I think about it.


My dad owns these three stuff animals: an Easter bunny and two Christmas bears, he used to (oh, who am I kidding? he still does) make up stories and act them out with the animals so I took to writing my own stories about them.


My first poem was in 3rd grade and it was a poem about the movie The Last Unicorn. My grandparents laminated it and hung it up on the fridge.

I started my first novel at 12 years old, and after 6 drafts of A Patriot’s Tale within a 12 year span, it was Shortlisted for the 2018 Wattys :heart_eyes:


First story I ever wrote was a little picture book in second grade about a tornado that swept through a town and killed a bunch of people (I had just moved out of tornado alley in the US). I even drew little dead stick figures lying on the ground with Xs over their eyes.

I was…a morbid child XD


By the age of 6 I had written at least a hundred picture books. My mom actually wrote what I told her to write as I drew the pictures.

In 2nd grade, I published 1 copy of a story for my birthday. The story was about a guy who hated Thanksgiving and tried to destroy it. In the end, he fixed it. My teacher actually read it to the class.

In 4th grade, I started writing chapter books. The 1st story was about a girl that got kidnapped. The family didn’t find her until she was an adult. Several more sequels came about where she was the queen. In 1 of the sequels, the country’s money was stolen and her sons had to rescue it.

In middle school, I started writing a series about a teenage secret agent who was trying to stop a secret terrorist organization that was hiding at the school and brainwashing everyone. By the 3rd or 4th story, he’s the director of the CIA. In the 5th story, the earth blows up 30 people make it out alive include him.


The Marley and Me contest in 7th grade (2008). It was so bad, but good for my age and comprehension level. I lost, of course, but I enjoyed writing it. Lol. I don’t have it anymore, and I’m glad otherwise I’d critique the crap out of it.