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Salut! I’m CHI and I’m offering graphics, sorry for the lack of a thread. I decided to open this spur of the moment. Feel free to respond in either English or French (qouique, je suis un peu mal en francais! Not to mention rather rusty.)
my examples: here
forms: HERE
payment: a follow :)))


lovely graphics!

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********cover/couvre form *******
simple manip vector surprise me
title: love her, if you dare
subtitle (optional): THIS IS A SECRET, CAN’T BE EXPOSED.
author: aditi jain
ideas: HTTPS://PIN.IT/Y6BN7HTUTFH52X - SELENA GOMEZ, IN THE MIDDLE (SMILING), ZAYN MALIK ON THE RIGHT (SERIOUS, MYSTERIOUS) AND HARRY STYLES ON THE LEFT, (SMIRKING). BOTH ARE LOOKING AT HER. - above, zayn and selena, and below, harry and selena. - below, selena gomez and zayn malik and above in the boxes, selena and harry (happy) selena above, smiling. Below Zayn and Harry, smirking or worried, with anything related to london in the background. something like this, zayn looking in the side, smoking a cigarette. Selena in the front, smiling while harry in the back. above, zayn and Selena as a couple and below selena and harry as a couple. Two parts of the cover, selena with both the boys and then in between, the title. selena in between, while zayn worried, on the right. And harry smirking in the back, looking at her on the left. Or vice versa.

faceclaim/characters ethnicity: selena gomez, zayn malik, harry styles
color scheme:
mood (optional): light
summary of book (gives me a good idea): Annabelle Rose White, an American, on the land of British people, wanting to start her story all fresh again, trying to forget her past, she’s a girl with potential, she cares, she wants to be loved.

In Britain, a new story awaits for her, with two popular boys of the school, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles laid their eyes on her. She was a deal to them, they had to love her, if they dared.

other: :heart:

approved! :slight_smile: ill get to work on it now

welcome ! :))

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I had a crack at the 4th idea you gave me and ran with it!
Hopefully this is what you had in mind, feel free to let me know if you’d like it redone!

Two variations with your subtitle, seeing as I was able to fit it in :blush:

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart::heartbeat:

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********cover/couvre form *******
simple manip vector surprise me
title: Bohemian Rhapsody
subtitle (optional):
author: imtotallynotokay
ideas: I was thinking of having rami Malek on the cover with yellow primroses somewhere and a grave stone or just him standing in a cemetery.
faceclaim/characters ethnicity: rami malek
color scheme:
mood (optional):
summary of book (gives me a good idea): it’s a story about a man (rami)who finds letters in his fathers attic and realises his mother isn’t really his mother.
other: thank you

This is beautiful.
But in the first picture, the subtitle is not proper.

And can you maybe, change harry’s picture?

sorry, please do not make covers on my thread, I don’t appreciate it as I myself had to go through the process of creating it. Kindly remove your comment or edit it, thank you

sorry, i didn’t save the psd as it was late! However, I can remake your cover using another one of your ideas! I’m unable to edit certain details as of late.
SO if you would like me to remake it please specify below and ill get to work on it!

Accepted! Ill start work on it now :blush:

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simple manip vector surprise me
title: Suicide Hotline
subtitle (optional): Niall Horan Fanfiction
author: Laura Ann Lee
ideas:type I was thinking the background could be a white background with a telephone in the middle, numbers all around the background, maybe a speech bubble on each side representing two people talking. Or have Niall behind a desk with a headset microphone on. Honestly, you have full creative freedom. Surprise me
faceclaim/characters ethnicity: Niall Horan
color scheme: Vibrant/Gloomy
mood (optional): Somewhat gloomy
summary of book (gives me a good idea): Niall Horan is a suicide hotline operator, he helps those in need. He isn’t highly requested but does his best but because he isn’t a chad, nobody cares for his opionion. Vero calls up the hotline one day and gets connected to Niall, she finds hope in him and he finds love in her.
other: Thanks c:

I STRUGGLED with this lol, I’m sorry if this isn’t to your expectations. I fortunately saved the psd and will keep it for 10 hours from now, so if you need anything added, do not hesitate to let me know!

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accepted! ill start work on it now
my wattpad username is @nearlys

accepted! :blush:

enjoy! :blush:

NOTE: They (@RitamPolley) deleted their comments, so for future purposes if necessary I retained receipts, which can be found here: and
he failed to use the form I provided and ignored everything I mentioned at the start of the thread, hopefully this is not repeated

Denied! I’m not even sorry, firstly I should have called you out earlier but ‘hotter’ is no way to refer to a woman’s body, and the objectification of woman on my thread is not tolerated. Kindly leave, find someone else whos willing to allow you to so openly degrade women. This is not a site where you can find a “hot lady” nor one where a stock model is objectified, and your language is just unacceptable. Kindly leave and do not return, thank you.
If you wanted something specific you should have specified originally.

“A hot lady whose full body should be shown like this in a hot dress” POST NO. 16

Who are you, to tell me to try again, if anything you should be asking like everyone else as everyone here is equal. However, I don’t appreciate this behaviour and thus I will like to reiterate

kindly leave my thread, thank you

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