Christmas Present Help !!!!!!



Hi friends!

I need some help with what to do for my christmas presents for my friends!

I have 4 friends that I’m shopping for, and then I think I was going to end up doing 1 gift I buy and then 1 that I DIY for each of them. (One of them also has a birthday somewhere in the mix)

Okay so here’s what I have so far, and then I need help deciding what else to do/if my ideas are good

matching mickey shaped wallets since we’re going to disney in the spring (~$32 all together)

Eva: (the one with the birthday)
1 hand stamped bracelet that says “You’re so much stronger than you think you are” from spiderman which is her favorite superhero (even tho it’s not from homecoming) ($15)

I was thinking about doing a movie box? I was going to order a stark industries sweatshirt ($25.99 +~$5 shipping) and putting in some candy and a few bags of popcorn + a cute little coupon that says good for 1 marvel movie marathon date
would probably be the christmas present

1 hand stamped bracelet that says “your fate lives within you” from Brave (her favorite disney movie) ($15)

I need help with more ideassss (a DIY one… maybe those letter DIYs?)

Okay so here’s the difficult one because she hasn’t given me a list (no one has oop) and she doesn’t have insane interests that I know about like I do the other ones.

rn I have a :sunny: shaped necklace in my amazon cart that stands for accomplishing magnificent things which I thought was cute. ($8.98)

I was also thinking about giving her a rainy day package? So stuff like a bullet journal, bath stuff, small fun things to do and stuff like that.


I’m literally lost with this kid bc he likes boujee stuff and I’m not about that and idk what to get him like at all. We also used to be really close before I left to work at camp but since then he’s started dating Lauren and he, lauren, and eva have gotten closer than the rest of us which sucks but it is what it is.

So yes we love a nice guy friend who is impossible to shop for bc he hangs out with no one but his girlfriend.

IDKKKK please help!!! I like the basic ass coupons bc easy, cheesy, inexpensive, and they can be customized to each one so idk fam help


christmas bump?


Are you asking us where you can find coupons?


no haha just for ideas on what to get them/if they’re actually good ideas. The prices are more for me just keeping track somewhere


Try honey if you want lower prices. I found it out in this video on youtube How Ant-Man and the Wasp Should Have Ended (ANIMATED PARODY) and they can explain it better than me.


Okay I’m just spouting out crazy ideas at this point


DIY links

Lauren find a rainy day package out of stuff from the stores dollar stores and five below


Surprise him by setting up a fun evening for him to have with his girlfriend or for you, Carson and all you friends to do together.


That’s super cute, thanks so much for the links and ideas! Sorry I didn’t respond earlier!


That’s okay, I’m happy to help. Let me know if you need more ideas.


update for carson!!! Just got him this very on brand for him dress shirt that’s gray and has the harry potter house emblems and I’m really excited about it and I hope it looks okay when it comes but i stil don’t know what to do for him DIY gift but I’ll probably end up doing something similar to Ev’s DIY which will basically just be like a movie package with candy and popcorn and maybe a gift card because he wants to go see aqua man when it comes out so maybeeeee


here’s the link if you want to check it out for a harry potter loving guy friend/boyfriend!!!