Circle of Jerks

Welcome to the Circle of Jerks.

As you can assume, the founding members are… well… I don’t even know if the “J Word” is allowed. But we’re @WhiskeyJaneDoe, @Oldmanben (he doesn’t actually know it yet, but it wasn’t optional), and myself ( @BksbyBkr )
Filled with rando-topics, pseudo- humour and heaps of sarcasm. If you like writing humour, or even talking humour. Or History. Or sarcasm, or generally ranting about anything and everything without taking life toooooo seriously… this is your group.

We can (and may) speak about our stories, but this isn’t to advertise. It may be used to help develop our abysmal writing skills ( just kidding, mine are horrendous, theirs are not, so I’m doing this just to help myself, and dragging them along for the ride). But there is a Knighted Editing pen and an Evil Anonymous trainee editor involved, sooooooo. enter at your own risk.

we’re ‘j words’ but we are supportive ( in a cynical, quasi-insultive sort of way) of one another’s endeavours. Just read the thousands of inline comments on any of our stories, and you’ll kind of have an idea of what we’ll be talking about

I think that’s enough of a disclaimer ?


all circle-jerking

– bo burnham


Just a warning…


Do you know what a circle jerk is?


This is why I joined


This isn’t a circle jerk,

Its a jerk circle


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This is why I stayed

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aren’t you married?

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Super married

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Bo Burnham!!! “Take off your bras and burn em’” :musical_score::musical_keyboard::musical_note:

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Really trying to pronounce this and failing

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I need more gap

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how to:

imagine the 2 saltiest things you’ve ever eaten. picture them in your head and imagine how they taste.

next, close your eyes (you don’t have to but you can) and hold your hand out like your holding a salt shaker.

then shake the imaginary salt shaker into your mouth. and you really have to believe you’re shaking a salt shaker into your mouth. you should taste salt and it should be really strong.


We’re the circle of jerks, a supportive group of friends who enjoy snark, sarcasm, dad jokes, puns, and making fun of each other. Wait…maybe we do need Jesus.


you make Dafoe proud

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Like… the jesus who hung out with 12 guys and a hooker?

Or… the jesus who makes us eat his flesh and drink his blood?

Hey!!! Keep that smutt in the other group for circles of jerks!!!

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