Clarification needed on the FAQ about the data breach???

In the FAQ, under the section about what was leaked it states: "Any third-party account IDs, such as Google or Facebook. Passwords associated with third-party accounts are not stored on our systems and are unaffected."

I’m kind of confused by what this means and how this would even happen. Does this mean that it leaked our Facebook if we linked our FB to our Wattpad? Or did it somehow gain access to the ID of every online account we have that shares the email address because I can’t see how that would even happen since there is no way Wattpad has that data?

Bumping this for you as I don’t know the answer to this question and it’s important!



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Alright, so I asked my housemate who works for an IT department at a University and she said that it is most likely only Facebook accounts that were LINKED to compromised Wattpad accounts.

I still want a definitive answer from someone with more info regarding Wattpad specifically because the FAQ was really vague on this point and it’s really important safety-wise.

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Just found out about the data breech from an author I follow so bumping up your post for it to be answered. I’m also looking for a definitive answer about this! :slight_smile:

Same question! But got no clear answer.

This said it’s not stored in Wattpad data system. I did change my password on Wattpad.

I checked my gmail and it says that it’s pwned as well, so I’m not sure about that. I changed the password of my gmail anyway

How I read it is that they know what your Facebook and Google are, but cannot access them because Wattpad does not process or store your passwords for Google and Facebook.

Or did it somehow gain access to the ID of every online account we have that shares the email address

You are correct - that (afaik) isn’t possible. It’s only what you used for Wattpad. They have no idea what services (i.e. banks, school, etc.) your e-mail is attached to. No doubt, they’ll try to find out by using your Wattpad e-mail and password on other websites you might use (like, as mentioned earlier, banks or other social media).

So yea, if you haven’t changed your password yet guys, change it now! If you’re waiting for a reset link, Wattpad has said that depending on the volume of requests, it may take up to 24-hours for the link to be sent.

Also, invest in a password manager! A password manager like LastPass can be a life savior because it allows you to have unique passwords for every account and you don’t have to remember them! All you have to do is remember your unique password for the password manager. And they usually have the abiltiy to automatically generate a secure password for you.

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I know the passwords aren’t stored I was concerned about names.

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