Cliches to break

So, my cliche breaking writing exercise shortlisted ONC, and I promised a reader (@BitchIsMyReligion) to continue if I made it to the shortlist. I’ve done bad boy, Lamborghini riding billionaire, mafia, love triangle, love at fight sight, typical blond-haired blue-eyed Greek god, shove-against-the-wall-smut, utterly materialistic cast, and testosterone war with penis measuring championship as well as an abused innocent girl who runs away crying. What else is there for me to break? What did I forget? XDD

P.S. This is modern setting, BTW, so dragon riding is beyond my ability to insert.

  • First-person narration (bonus if this is done from multiple POVs)

  • Alarm clock wake-up scene

  • Appearance described as female protagonist looks into a mirror

  • Female protagonist describes her looks in glowing terms but insists that she’s plain/ugly

  • “I have a crush on the hottest, most popular guy in school.”

  • Not like the other girls ™


curious as to how first-person narration is a cliche tho

is third person narration also a cliche? used as much


For some reason, all the teen romance stories I’ve seen (as described above) are written in first-person. Sometimes even first person from multiple POVs, which completely defeats the purpose of first-person.

It’s just something I’ve noticed :woman_shrugging:


true. I think it might just be more suited to romance than third-person. At least, it can be put to good use

the alarm clock thing on the other hand not so much


It’s not exactly a cliche, just a style of storytelling. There are really only 2-3 viable POVs to choose from, hah.

LOL Ohhh I forgot the wake up scene and mirror looking!!!

What do you mean by 1st person narration?

True. First person is very well suited to romance. I suppose it just annoys me when it switches between the protag’s POV and the love interest’s POV and then the best friend’s POV. At that point, I’m like, “Jesus, just write it in third person.”


Ah it’s already been done in 3rd person multiple though. I will have to break that some other time.

All the teen romances are first person.

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Broken family relationship… It’s a struggle to even find a single wattpad book that one of the families isn’t messed up :woman_facepalming:

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yeah, I think multiple POVs are super hard to do right


Only this more like a steamy romance cliche breaking. XD

How to remedy?

Sassy grandma waking up the lead. Threatening to them out the window.

How to remedy? The mirror cracks.

Random person sarcastically agrees before leaving without further words.

Can try the clueless approach, with the dude having 0% chance of getting their attention. :joy:

Make this a gag with the guy saying the same line. :joy:


Joking aside, you about got it.

I only write multiple POVs 1st or 3rd. It’s standard practice for me so true 1st would be a challenge actually.

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Oh wait, yeah. If you’re going to switch POVs, it’s best to only do the POVs of two characters max, and not every couple of paragraphs. That does annoy the heck outta me.


Oh also, don’t forget an ex or someone who drolls over the male mc and attempts poorly to destroy their relationship :joy:


oh the memories HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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I agree—literally can’t stand changing POV in the same book and I stop reading cause it’s so odd and most narrators end up sounding the same. I also prefer romance stories in third person, I just think that it is a lot harder to come across a good romance written in first person.

Some cliche’s would be:

  • referring to eyes as “orbs”
  • main leads with a “troubled past” that explains their poor personality + unmanaged rage/possessiveness
  • too much description on appearance
  • “fake lovers” — characters have to pretend to date
  • popular kids at school are really mean—my personal experience with popular kids IRL are that they are usually nice
  • having the token LGTBQ or racially diverse character with no plotline