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Let this become the venting thread.

What do you have to vent about today?

Let it all out. Don’t hold back. We got you.

I’ll start.

Today, I’m frustrated and full of doubts because what I didn’t want to happen happened and not where I thought it was going to happen. It’s a writer’s intentions vs reader’s perception conflict.

The purpose of writing emotionally-charged scenes is to make our readers feel something, right? But if readers feel something I didn’t want them to feel, did I fail? Just how much can I control what others feel?

I’M FRUSTRATED because this was one of those scenes which were important to me because of how real the emotions in it are. I used my own life experiences to guide me when writing it and felt proud of how it came out (it succeeds at making me cry every time I read it). But then, it has a different effect on the readers than I anticipated…

At the same time, it’s just one reader’s comment so does it represent the majority of the readers? Ugh. I wish everyone would review, not just one person.


Voy a ser directa: quiero escribir en paz pero hay demasiada gente entrando y saliendo de casa. No quiero ser odiosa pero estoy tentada a hechar a todo mundo

Never let one reader’s perception or opinion influence you too much. I mean, don’t outright shun them or ignore their comments, but absolutely hold off on thinking you’ve failed or that your work isn’t what you wanted it to be just because they didn’t “get” it.

You will never be able to write a book that everyone will read the same way. And on Wattpad, you never know when you’re dealing with a reader who skimmed your work, has lousy reading comprehension, or just isn’t your target audience. I’d say you should give it a few days, then go back and read that comment again to see if you can find anything helpful in it. Maybe there’s a nugget of truth in there that will help you revise the scene.


I think it’s awesome that you’re aware of this dynamic. If I were in your shoes, I’d probably be trying to target experienced readers/writers who seem to have read and enjoyed books in the genre you write, and see if you can get any of them to give feedback.

@ToastedBagels Great advice!

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Ugh! Had a major power outage yesterday, and I wasn’t able to finish typing the new update for my story. So now I’m trying to finish everything in one day: the update, laundry, editing and copywriting. And it’s a Sunday too!

I’m just trying to figure out how the ranking system works XD

I’ll save you time.


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Care to elaborate?

Problem is, this happened on Chapter 50 of my long book. Where will I find a reviewer who’s willing to read that much?

I’m afraid I just have to rely on the readers who actually read it and keep bugging them for feedback. I wonder if they’re tired of my notes that say “please, review” in yet another way.

To exemplify how well that’s working out:
I said something like “We hit a milestone. Celebrate with me by leaving a comment.”
Response I got: “SQUEE”

I have about 3 loyal readers who leave a few words every couple of chapters so I try to read the hidden meaning behind them like I’m Sherlock.

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No one knows how it works. Even Wattpad HQ can’t explain it. It’s a wild animal that got out of their hands and they lost all hope of being able to tame it.

People were saying that updating often keeps the rank high - I have not seen that happen at all. But I did notice that when people are reading and voting on my chapters, the rank sometimes goes up so that part might slightly work.

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Rough day. Good luck.

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Thank you! I hella need it. :smile:

I asked in a thread for some help with something fanfiction related
And someone decided to have a go at me

Just because you write fan fiction? It does feel sometimes like people look down on you as soon as you mention that. Like oh you aren’t a real writer, you just write fan fiction.

Writing is writing no matter what you write if you ask me. And you should write what you enjoy. I enjoy writing fan fiction.

It did feel like they were looking down on me
And the fact that they made that comment really was upsetting for me
And all I wanted was help with suggestions on a title for the new fanfiction but instead of helping me by giving me suggestions they chose to jump down my throat

I feel you. I’ve seen this.
Comments like:
“This is the Original Fantasy genre club. If you want to talk about fanfiction, go there.”
“Need help with your fanfiction? How about you stop stealing other people’s work?”

I just report those people and get out of the thread, letting the moderators step in. Engaging with these flame-lovers will only bring you stress.

Some people are just ignorant. Fanfiction is a new term to describe something that has always been done in the literary world. Just look how many works of fiction were based on Shakespeare. Guess what - that’s fanfiction.

Just write what you love and let your brilliant writing prove them all wrong.


I always try to write the way I want to write my stories
And I get people speaking negatively about what I write and it hurts my feelings
I hate how people just like to be rude
They don’t have any respect towards me especially the fact that they tell me I should not write my stories based around my favourite bands and stuff
I just want people to show some respect towards me

today’s frustrations - for the first time in months i have so much motivation and ideas for writing, but i have nO TIME TO ACTUALLY WRITE ANYTHING. (finals, work, i’m looking at you.) in addition to that, half of my motivation is for new book ideas instead of the ones that i’ve already started and should be working on-