Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage One)



Ah, I’ve not had much to do at all. XD


Hahaha, trying to work… XD


Heyo, Camy!


Heyo, Malus! XD


How’s your day been? XD


Ahhh, pretty borin’, I guess! XD Nothin’ much has been happening… And I can’t seem to get into anything!

How about you, bud?


Ahhh… you’ve been havin’ one of my days then, eh? XD

My day has been dull, but I’ve started writing the first chapter for a story idea I came up with yesterday. XD


Pretty much! XD

Ooh! Sounds like fun! What is it?


The idea I wrote down is:

A story where there is a veil in the human mind that blocks out the monsters within men (Humankind), these monsters live among humans and, for an unknown reason, try to cause those that still retain humanity to become monsters as well. Very few people are born capable of seeing past “The Veil” and those that can often get killed by the monsters or themselves turned. My MC (Who I have little idea over) can see them and because these monsters are essentially just manifestations of human souls, they are depicted as various mythological beasts that humanity has made up.


Ooooh! That’s pretty detailed for an idea! I like it! It kinda has a dark shounen-y feel to it. XD


Hehe, my ideas are always detailed! >:D I may have gained inspiration from Tales of Zestiria, but… no one will know, right? ;D XD


Always, always? XD You may have… but who can say? ;D XD


Mostly always, always! >:D That’s true! Some people would be able to say, but, I’ll hide the fact by just removing Malevolence from the equation ;D


Hehe, good enough! XD Hehehehe, of course! Even if they can say, what can they do about it? ;D


It’ll do! XD They can complain but they can’t physically do much about it! >:D


Yep, yep! Better than me! XD Nope, nope! Hehehe! 'Cause they got no proof! >:D


Aw, but you have some great ideas! XD Unless they see this thread that is! XD


Hehe, that I do! Sometimes! XD Hehehe, but will they? >:D Unlikely!


I think ya do! You’re the Ideas Queen, remember? ;D Haha, probably not! XD


Hehehe, of course! Can’t forget that, can I? XD Nope, nope! Hehe. >:D