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For those of you that don’t know how this thread works: I am writing a story revolving around the Crazy Cake Crew (I’ll explain them later!). I then release a poll giving you all a few options to choose from, some of which aren’t great but oh well. You select an option, regardless of whether or not you’ve read the story.
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Malus' Status Updates

10:25 (UK Time)
Update Status: One-time
I’ve been pretty inactive these last few… weeks? I’m not even sure. But, I’m back and so I’m going to try and sort this darn thread out. Good morning to you all and I hope you have a good day.
Oh, before I finish. A Crazy Cake Adventure (The Cake story that’s being created in here) is going to resume. Either today or sometime this week. But, the things I’d like to declare:

  1. Each stage of the story is now going to heavily revolve around one character. They will have a personal story (arc) and that will be resolved in the stage. Stage Two is going to be based around Malus, since that character I have a good idea of what I want to do. I will be putting up a new poll so people can vote for who they want Stage Three to revolve around.
  2. I will be using the Cake Story to work with my story ideas. There will be references, characters and all kinds of stuff from stories on my profile. Just so I can get a new feel for them. You’ll see this stuff popping up from time-to-time. I’m running low on ideas for this story (Though I have enough for a while) feel free to toss an idea or two at me. Even if I don’t use your exact idea I can at least consider options and such.

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Update Status: Resolution
I’m feeling better, so now there are no announcements to be made! Good day to you all!

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Update status: Resolved
I was planning on writing an update for today, I really was… but I don’t feel very good. I’ve been suddenly hit with this horrible feeling of negativity and now all I want to do is curl up in bed and stop moving. So, if this passes soon then I’ll think about doing the update. If not, I’ll do it tomorrow.


Everyone except for Malus wants to investigate the manor further, despite the warning they were given. Dani and Leo state that they should do it just to confirm that Kathy wasn’t lying to them entirely.
Malus soon gives in and agrees to follow through with the investigation with them.

Camy and Leo take point, throwing the kitchen door open and then cautiously stepping out into the hallway. The hall is filled with dust, just as the kitchen was. It seemed relatively undisturbed.
Everyone else comes out into the hallway and so they begin to search. In each corner of the building, there seems to be an extremely high-tech camera. It has two lenses, one smaller than the other. No one has a clue if the two lenses are meant for anything. But one thing is for certain, the cameras don’t seem to be active.

It seems like Kathy could have been lying since nothing has happened and everything seems dead. But that’s when they notice something in the main hall where the entrance to the building waits. Blood. Lots of it, and fresh.
They follow the blood until they finally find out who it belongs to. At the base of the stairs is a pile of bodies. All of them wearing the same outfit that the assassin they ran into earlier had been wearing.
The bodies were riddled with bullets and just the lingering atmosphere made everyone know that it had happened recently.

“Why would this happen?” Anca asks, wondering why the hired assassins would be killed.
“Tying up loose ends?” Leo suggests.
“If you’re right, then that means Rei is almost finished with whatever she’s planning,” Malus states.
“And that’s not good, right?” Dani asks.
“No… But there’s something we need to look for.”
Malus then goes on ahead, stepping over the bodies and beginning to climb the stairs.
Everone watches him walk away. They wonder why he has a sudden interest in the manor seeing as he was the one that didn’t want to go through the manor in the first place.

Malus reaches the top of the stairs, with the others quickly rushing to catch up with him. Anca took the other staircase, the one not with a pile of corpses at the bottom.
Malus looks down the hallway, looking for the room that he believes to belong to Dr Shale. Picking the room at the far end of the hall, he approaches its door and enters
The others come with him and once they too enter the room they find a room filled with technology. Every part of the room seems to have a computer linked up to it. Many sections of the walls see to be a screen and there are cameras in each corner.

“What’re you looking for?” Camy asks
“His phone…” soon after mentioning it, Malus spots the phone sat on a desk. He walks over to it and reaches out for it.
“No! Don’t touch that!” A voice cries out.
Malus pulls his arm back and looks ahead of him at one of the screens. “Are you Rei?”
The screen ahead of him turns on and the image of a cute girl with red hair appears “I am, now don’t touch that phone! It’s not yours!”
“What’re you planning!?” Leo shouts
“None of your business!” Rei responds
“We won’t let you get away with it,” Dani says.
“I will! You’ll see!”
Malus once again reaches forward, watching Rei as he tries to grab the phone. Once she notices what he’s trying to do, she goes wide-eyed and becomes red with anger “I said don’t touch it! You’re not allowed!”
“What will you do?” Malus asks, his hand just above the device.
“I-I’ll… I’ll have to kill you!”
“Will you? I’m willing to take that risk.”


Malus is trying to grab the phone and they’ve already seen the bodies found in the manor.

                        What will the other Crew members do?
  • Stop Malus from taking the device.
  • Let him take the device.

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This Poll is Important
Please vote for the character arc you’d like to take place in Stage Three.

  • Madness Prevails (Camy)
  • A Worthy Apprentice (Dani)
  • The Power of Oblivion (Leo of Iris)
  • Elemental Mastery (Anca)

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