Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage Two)



Yeah, that’s not even an acceptable excuse for hitting someone.

He should learn to control it himself. I have anger issues but I’ve taught myself to hit things not people… unless they deserve it.


I’m not short!! You guys who’s too tall! XD

I…I…mmm dammit! I’ve killed Mr cockroach and son of Mrs flies Mmmm the…they’re fine, just sleeping but didn’t wake up anymore XD

I’m not holding them! They’re trapped! XD


Yeah I learned to now I hit myself or something else and it’s not often either of them happens anymore


I’m not that tall though. XD

So they cannot stand to represent you. XD

They’re trapped but you haven’t gotten help!? That’s a crime in itself! XD


Yeaaaaa that’s the right command XD
Five minutes, can I? blink blink


I never bothered with hurting myself (Though, I guess punching the door does hurt my knuckles sometimes. XD) I just hit things. I still do it from time-to-time because I’m quick to anger. XD




Yeah well when I’m better now I got depression because of my medicine I took for my ADHD so I cut myself and hurt myself cause it made the memories worse


But I still can’t reach you!! And my sis! XD

I still have wait, who’s left oohh Mr mosquito. XD

How could I help even my finger can’t reach them, they only going deeper! XD owkay it’s weird


I will! After I winning the court! XD


If I disappear that means I fall asleep


Yeah. Depression isn’t an easy thing to get through. A friend of mine cut himself a few times. I never bothered, mostly because of the way I look at things. If something doesn’t solve my problem, then it’s not worth considering. But I understand why people do it.


Because you’re short. :3

Mr Mosquito? I doubt he’d want to represent you seeing as all he wants is your blood. XD

Pretends to mishear You’re pushing them in deeper!? You animal! XD


You can never beat me in a court of law! XD


Yeah life never really been easy for me and then I took medication that gave me depression and made everything feel worse than it would have done without it

Like now I can’t get used to actually being happy and not feeling numb or anything


And that’s the reason why I don’t like taking medication. The most I’ll take is mild pain killers. Anything else and I’m like “Fuck it, I’ll learn to live with it.”

Well, at least you’ve still got the capacity to be happy somewhere in there. And you deserve to be happy, or at least happier.


Yeah right now I’m just trying to keep it away from my mom how I was feeling with the medication in my body because how can you tell your mom that her youngest child her only daughter cut herself and she had no idea


Hmm, really it’s something you should tell her. But, If you don’t want to then that’s your choice.


I just don’t wanna make her feel like a bad mom for not noticing how her own child was hurting


That’s true. But at the same time it’d be worse if she found out without you telling her.