Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage Two)



And who’s gonna tell her?


Probably no one. But you know what I mean.
I know for a fact that it’s worse to not be told about something. Even if my situation was very different. XD


Yeah but my mom is a single mom and she was a teen parent so she is constantly worried she’s a bad mom


I mean, I suppose that’s something to think about. But, she would probably also appreciate it if you were open about your issues and such. I dunno. That’s just how I’d prefer it if I were a parent. I don’t know about her.


I’m not! I’m tall if I tiptoeing XD

I can give my blood as the payment XD

I don’t mean it! Nnnggg that’s why you call me An chill a XD


That means you aren’t allowing me to go sleep! XD

But I fell asleep before I win it XD


Hi I’m back


@TheMCOfficial @anamoo08 @Alessa_Iris come back


Heloo im here!
Leo maybe on a test rn(around 12.30 pm there maybe) and Matt is still sleeping I guess (it’s 7.30am there)


Yeah Matt is probably gonna sleep to noon so he’s not gonna be in here for a whilw and hopefully Leo will do well then

How are you


And your not here anymore


Yeaa exactly…

I’m good, because finally I can go home yeyyyy!
And you?

I’m sorry, I vanish for a while because I need to prepare something



I’m just bored in school what are you doing


And I’m all alone here once again


Owwhh im so sorry. I need to pack my bag to go home so I disappeared again.

Owhh, what time is it there?


10:05 am




4.30 pm here…
Where are you come from?