Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage Two)



I’m from Indonesia


Oh fun how is it there


It’s nice. Especially if you like the warm weather, this is the great place. And we hv so many beaches and else


Oh I wish I was there now instead I’m stuck in cold Sweden


How come I always is left alone here


Hello someone here


Ohh im sorry again. I was on a public transport so I didn’t checked my phone.

It should be winter but still so hot here.


Yeah well wanna switch country I take your warm country and you take my cold country XD


Good afternoon!


Plus, i love snow soooo baaddd XD


Heyhoo Matt… Good afternoon


Heyo. How’re you?


I’m goooodd except that you’ve made me stay awake last night XD but I’m okaayy because I’m home!!


Haha, I didn’t make you stay awake! XD


You didn’t allowed me to win! XD


Nope! You’re not allowed to beat me! XD


Even just once?!!! :triumph:

Oof I got sprue on my lips, It’s hard to speak normally, it’s look like I’m pouting every time I talk XD


Nope, nope. Can’t let you beat me even once! XD

Gah! Stop pouting, Anchilla! XD


I’ll find my ultimate power to beattt yaa!! HYaahhh!!

I don’t pout on purpose! XD


You can try, but you shall never find it! XD

You don’t? Coulda fooled me! >:D