Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage Two)



I have one secret weapon but not a secret anymore because I’ve revealed it that’s TICKLE POWER!!

why I need to do that on purpose, huh? People will think I’m acting cute but actually I just got a sprue! Got it, sprue! XD


But tickle power doesn’t beat me in those kinds of fights! >:D Hehe, but, but. You’ve gotta do it on purpose!! (I can’t press my enter button again! D:<)


Though I can attack you with tickle power if you already put me in the sink XD

I’m not pouting anymore! But I puff out my cheeks,it feels good, I can’t feel the pain on my lips! But it makes me look fluffier, but I don’t care, it feels good!


I’ll just turn the sink on then! >:D Hehehehehe! You look fluffier! Fluffer the Anchilla! >:D


You make me drown in the sink! XD

I look like chinchilla with full of peanut in my mouth! Or a puffer fish! XD


Yes! I’ll drown ya in the sink! >:D

Like a puffer fish? You’re an inflated chinchilla! XD


You’re mean! Look, I lose again! :triumph:

I don’t want to agree with that, but yes, I’m inflating BUT only on my cheeks area! XD


Of course. There is no beating me. You cannot! >:D

Only the cheeks? So… a chinchilla with its face inflating? XD


I will! Someday! I don’t know when, but I WILL!!:triumph:

Nngggg annnd in the other areas too but nngg not too fluffy! XD


alive! again…


Heyyy you’re back


heyyy @anamoo08 i miss typing in this thread so much, i’ve been busy this past few days


Yes you are. But the point is you are here now XD


ohhh, i’m still welcome in here! so how was your new year? so late question


Hahaha, I can’t wait to see you try! :smiling_imp:

Not too fluffy? Not super-duper fluffers!? XD




heyooooww, :joy: where’s the cake btw?


Ofcourse! XD hmmm I don’t want to remember it, too many exam and assignment in the same time XD
How’s yours?


Where’s the cake? Well, Camy isn’t here to dish it out to ya. XD So, Cake for the heart? :cake:


same as yours, but i enjoyed it, 2018 had the best memories though