Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage Two)



I’ve tried all this time!! stomping my feet

NOO! I’m skinny, remember?! But…but just lil fluffy in some areas :roll_eyes:


cake for the :heart: !
aww i miss this


Of course I enjoyed every single day, except for the exam XD


:joy: me too


Hehe. Throwin’ a tantrum! XD

You failed to provide evidence in court. Your words hold no legal weight! XD


Haha. And we missed you! XD


:slight_smile::slight_smile: and hey, is there a snow in your place?
i want snow, but unfortunately i live near the equator :cry:


No one love exam XD


why so mean about her weight? :joy::joy:


of course !


Nope. No snow in the UK. Continental Europe seems to have stolen it all. XD


Because she said she was fluffy. She also said she’s a chinchilla. So now she cannot shake that! >:D XD


so sad to hear that, but we must enjoy the year with snow or without, right?


what?! :joy::joy:


That’s because of ya!! pointing at your nose, but still tiptoing, so I still can’t reach your nose but your chin XD

I’m trying! Still trying to prove my words is fully true! XD


And my height! :triumph: @TheMCOfficial XD


I suppose so. 2019 doesn’t seem to be any different to 2018, really. XD


What are you doing?


Yup, yup. And her height! I was given the impression she was short and fluffy. She’s tryin to tell me different. I demand evidence to be provided in this thread’s court! XD


okay, i must not spill my height nor weight in here :expressionless::neutral_face: