Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage Two)



Yup, yup! Because of meh! Mwhahahaha! XD

Better build a better case next time. I mean, you killed most of your representatives. XD


relaxing my body in my bed,soon later, my mind


ohhh cuteee, it’s cute FLUFFY! :heart::heart_eyes:


And if you wanna said about animal, choose the coolest one, like tiger or wolf. Don’t choose hamster, puffer fish OR chinchilla! Don’t try it! XD


Exactly! Gotta keep up that image of fluffer! XD


And you proud of that?! :triumph:

I dunno if I need them in the end! XD

Owwhh I almost broke my sis’ headphones, I dunno if it’s behind me and I almost lay on it XD


Ooh that’s good then XD


Are you trying to gather people on your side?! :triumph:


ehhh i like rabbit, i love it!


you two should do that too


Yup, yup! Very proud of that! XD

Haha, you might do!

Oof, she’d go super-evil on ya if you did! XD


I am! Gather my allies! XD


I can see that. You very proud being evil XD

And I heard a tiny voice when I almost lay on it, like “kreekk” but lucky me it doesn’t broke XD

You know what, at this hour I’ve ate 2 apples, some fried foods and a candy XD


Of course. One of the biggest evils is pride after all! XD

It was screaming for mercy! XD

I’ve got pie in front of me! >:D


And what can I be proud of from myself :thinking:

Hahahhaaa oohh I think I found my weapon! Laying on them!! XD

Can I have a piece? blink blink


Who knows? You’ll have to search for it.

Nooo! Don’t crush your poor victims! XD

Nope. I’ve eaten it all! XD


I’ll search for it or someone will find it for me XD

Whyyy?! Though I’m fluffy, so I only squish them, not kill them XD

OWKAAYY!! I’ve got my own lollipop! But it’s lil bit difficult to eat it, again it’s all because of the sprue XD


Perhaps! XD

You could squish them to death! Or suffocate them! XD

That dang spruce. Oof, I ate too much. XD


Being fluffy isn’t a pride, I knew about it, so I’ll find another one.

Maybe I’ll try it to ya Mwahahaha

Lookkk, you hv to give them to me before, you’ve ate it by yourself, that’s greedy! XD


But you can take pride in being fluffy! XD

I’m bigger than you, I don’t think you can. XD

Never! It’s my food! FIGHT ME! I SHALL NEVER SHARE! >XD