Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage Two)



how do I boast about it, huh? “IM FLUFFY!!” like that? And so what? XD

Are you? You’re taller and bigger than me?? Owhh it makes it more difficult! XD

Yhhhaaa!! You should share! Especially it’s food ! XD


Yup, yup. You just be happy to be fluffy! XD

Mwhahaha! Yup! I’m too big for you to handle! >:D

Nope, nope. This King doesn’t share his feast! XD


I’ll be skinny! Soon! Maybe! XD

So if I squished you, it won’t affect to ya then… Hmm I can’t use my own body to be weapons then.

Do you want my lollipop? HAAA YOU CAN’T! THIS IS MINE! run


Ok @anamoo08 @Alessa_Iris and @TheMCOfficial come to the We need more friends 19.2 to watch me get married for a joke


I’m married can you all believe it XD


Oof, good morning! XD
Ah… I fell asleep earlier because my headache was pissing me off. …I’m going to regret it tomorrow. XD


I noticed that I hadn’t updated my profile on this site, so; I had to go ahead and do that. That’s one thing I’ve been meaning to do today done. XD


Don’t mind this post, just something I need for the future. XD


:crown: Malus - Alex :skull:

:skull: Camy - Jessie :crown:

:crown: Dani - Sam :skull:

:skull: Leo - Lilith :crown:

:crown: Anca - Disanda :skull:

Huh… these results turned out more patterned than I expected.


Good morning, Matt. I’m just waking up too.
Oof are you okay?


Yep, yep. I’m fine, just trying to get some stuff done. XD


I wrote a bit more than I expected to today, so, that’s cool. XD

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I’ll need to start adding more food into the story. I’ve gotta keep that in mind.


At this hours? Maybe you should back to sleep Matt


Nope, nope. Screw sleep! I’ve gotta get a chapter of my story bashed out now! Work, work, work, work. >XD


Haha do what you want then XD

And I almost fell asleep again but my dad come in and tell me to get up, but I’m still in my bed XD


Do what I want, I shall! Maybe… XD

Oof, gotta get up Anchilla! No more sleep for you! XD

Gah! My earphones just beeped at me, they need to charge! Why now!? XD


I can’t stop you from doing what you want, so do what you want XD

I will, when my phone’s battery run out. It’s still 17% XD

Because they need it now! XD


Of course. No one can stop me doing what I want! XD

Oof, 17% won’t last for very long. XD

Ahhh… I might have to do double writing today… that sucks!!


Oof it’s so hard to give my mom silent treatment because she’s just annoying


Marley can do it XD he can stop you from writing even just for a while XD

9% and I need to run!! XD

Why? If you didn’t want it just don’t XD


Haha you can’t say something like that about your mom