Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage Two)



I sure can it’s the truth she took my computer and iPad because I slept on the day so I am angry at her

And she’s just so fucking blind to to things


Good morning!


Good morning


Except it was like 12 for you then


It was 12:01 when I sent it but I started (trying) to type it at 11:59. XD

Anyway. How’re you?


I’m good in the bus home right now


Ah, “fun”. XD
I’m trying to lose a headache again.


How do keep getting them Matty


I’m not sure. I normally wake up with a headache, it’s weird. XD


Definitely so are you gonna sleep tonight


Maybe. Depending on my head I might sleep early and wake around midnight again. XD


Well that’s certainly fun and define early Matt


When I sleep early it means I’ll go to sleep around 19:00-20:00.


What that is early that is the time my mom goes to bed and she’s 35


Morning Matt… Hmm you keep vanishing


Yup. Which is why I wake up at midnight when I sleep at that time. XD


Heyo. Yeah, I do. I managed to get tired last night, so I went to sleep.


My oldest brother just noticed my hair had red in it like come on


Fall asleep at 10 pm then


Haha, how does someone not notice something like that? XD