Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage Two)



I go to sleep from 11 pm onward. Normally ends up being 2-5 am. I only sleep early if my sleep pattern shifts or if I have headaches.


I thought you feed your dog and then had dinner and else but you never came back -_-
Aannd you back again when I’ve just woken up too XD


I have no idea


Ah okay


Now I gotta pack up the groceries so trying to get my oldest brother to help me both are lazy and antisocial nerds


Hehe, you can’t keep track of me anymore. Sometimes I’m here, sometimes I’m not. XD If it’s hard to figure out where I am, chances are my sleep is being erratic. XD
Yup, yup. I’m back!


I’m lazy and antisocial, but I still gotta help with shopping. It’s normally my sister that refuses to do anything. XD


Your sleep schedule being a mess again then XD
Tell to me Matt so i won’t clueless where you are XD


Oh it’s more me that needs to do those things sucks to be the youngest and my brother the asshole is extreme he has even done so we can’t open his door


Yep, yep. No set schedule at the moment. XD
Ah, I keep forgetting to tell people and sometimes I go to sleep when no one is here. XD


We don’t have to do a lot, but I do more than my sister by far. When my older sister was here, she didn’t do anything either. There are always lazy siblings. XD


Yep my brother only listens to my mom only when he wants to which are like 10% of the time

And my oldest brother is just lazy well so are the other one but slightly less


I’m lazy but I’ll do something if I’m asked to do it. XD Ya just gotta put up with being the only sibling that’ll do most of the stuff. XD


Yeah well instead I try to get out of as many things as possible because mom often asks me to do things she can do herself


And I need to go now for a while. I’m on important mission. I heard weird voice, like something growling and it sounds so near from me


Yep. Mine does that. She could feed the dogs, but she says she has to put my brother to bed. Which I know she doesn’t have to because when I do it I give him a drink and tell him to go, done. XD
It’s hard to get out of everything. I’m fine with just having to feed the dogs, sweep and sometimes cook.


You heard a growling? You’ve got a lot of weird noises in your home. XD


Well how old are you Matty


18, which is why I have to do stuff, even if I don’t want to. XD


Oohhh I found it! It’s from my tummy!! XD oof that’s why it sounds soooo near from me XD