Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage Two)



Exactly I am 14 and my brothers are 2 and 3 years older than me

My mom left me to cook a meal for the family when I had only cooked in school and I didn’t know so I got literally panic cause she just left the house She left her daughter to took that never really cooked a meal alll alone before to cook for her and her brothers


Haha, ya makin’ your own noises! XD


Oof, well depending on what you get in, cooking isn’t hard. The hardest part is timing, but that’s not too bad if you keep an eye on things.


Well it is if you barely have cooked and you have anxiety


I suppose so. I’ve been cooking for a couple years, I don’t really remember what it was like when I first had to cook.




I want to get better at cooking and learn how to cook more stuff from scratch… but I also can’t be bothered to do it. XD


Yeah that’s just laziness talking


The growling sound is disappear XD
And I’ve got happy tummy XD I dunno why but it sounds weird XD


Yup, yup. Laziness is what I best at though. XD


Haha. Well that’s good then! XD




Ohh you know what, my sis just ask me to sing along a new song with her but…she’s using her headphones so how I will know what song she’s playing -_- XD


Welp, just sing anything at random! XD


Ahhh, I forgot to start writing. Uuuh… I’m not going to have enough time to get any done before my mum and brother return. Hopefully, I won’t have to cook so I can go into my room and get a little do.


And like a war then XD


Yup, yup. Exactly! XD


I need coffee and tons of it. I need like an iv of coffee


Ooh I remember what will I ask to you, but I’m not sure to ask about it XD


Haha, I could do with something to wake me up right now. XD