Climbing the Cake Mountain (Stage Two)



Nope, nope. No bed! …I’m in bed actually, but no sleep! XD


Yeah. I slept early yesterday so now I’m behind!! XD


So you plan to write your story now?


Yeah, hopefully.


Tell us before you disappear XD

Nngg don’t you get your notify or you won’t answer? XD


Haha, well I’ll be disappearing in a moment! XD

Ooh, I didn’t get the notification.


And I’ll be sleeping too maybe XD




I’m back but no one probably cares so just gonna leave






you are now cared about,hows it going


Thank you kind soul I’m good my friend that is sleeping over is sleeping so I am all alone


I see ,but you are not alone now


Well I said in real life apparently I am never alone online most of the times so what are you doing


yea i know,just talking in different places




image here


Yeah exactly


here another one till i think of something to talk about
When ads get more and more intrusive but you’re running 4 different adblockers at any given time image