[CLOSED] Enter to have your story ripped to shreds.

To honor this new temporary forum, I will nitpick the first chapters of three lucky people.

Now, you may be asking, what’s the catch? Well, here are my “terms and conditions”:

  1. Your first chapter must be on google docs for my convenience.
  2. Please, no long chapters. I’ll be happy if it’s under 2k but 3k is my literal max.
  3. The faint of heart need not apply. I will be brutal to help you maximize your growth.
  4. If your story fits one of these qualifications, don’t bother requesting:
    a) marked as mature for sex scenes
    b) fanfiction
    c) werewolf
    d) poetry
  5. For the sake of my peace of mind, I will only be taking three requests at a time.

That’s about it. Any questions? Just ask.


1. @alisonswan94651: Post #351

2. @Galaxies: Post #373 — status: broken link

3. @K44RGO: Post #356


Lol I would, but I don’t think I could handle is :’)

I’m a reasonable person, so I only do it to be helpful. c:


X3 ohh I’m tempted

Well, let me know if you want a spot. This’ll be open for a limited time only. c:


Sureeee I’ll be brave :sweat_smile:
hopes for the best prepares for the worst

Mmkay. PM me a google docs link whenever you’re ready!

Edit: Damnit. I forgot PM’s don’t work on here.

Uh… PM me on Wattpad?


Via WP right? Your username issss… starts with an A lol

Yep. I’m right here:



Or if you have an email I could add you in if you prefer

Sure. That works, too.

My email is a secret.


Got it

Thank youuuu!! I hope it’s not too bad, lo


Considering the kind of stuff I read on a weekly basis for my intro to fiction class, I’m sure it won’t be as bad. A lot of the stories give me mental pain just to read. I’m not even kidding.


It can’t be that bad?? Can it… lol

Yes, yes, it can.

But it’s week seven of this class, so a lot of people are getting better.

The first few weeks were tortuous.

Wake-up scenes, infodumping, reusing the same excerpts over and over again, etc. etc.


I guess they aren’t on WP? Lol

At least it’s getting better? Learning new things?

Hahaha, no. Basically all of them are just doing it to fulfill a requirement.

I think so. Plus I’ve been giving everyone brutal reviews every week.

I wonder if I scare them.


Ohhhh is it a necessary course then?
Lol, at least that can be fun for you
Do they review yours too?

Well, my college requires us to take two art classes, so yes and no.

You’re free to choose which class to take but writing is a popular choice.

I get reviews, too, but they’re hardly reviews.

People just praise my writing, tell me I need to write more, or request I drop more f bombs.


Here’s an example of a very harsh review I gave one week:

First of all, your piece is short. Very short. It is hard for me to adequately review the aspects of storytelling in such a short piece of writing. Not to mention the third paragraph was a complete information dump, so that shortens the amount of writing that actually moves your plot forward. From what little pieces of dialogue you’ve written, all the characters seem to talk the same way. It wasn’t until John’s thought of “I thought adults knew everything.” did I begin to question John’s actual age. For a long while, I had imagined him to be an adult, too. The twist at the end seems haphazardly thrown in and as a result, it comes off as rather rushed and undeveloped.