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accepted!! pls complete payment


denied srry, i don’t think i can do this justice


sorry I’m going to have to deny your request!!


I already did the payment :slight_smile:



pls lmk if you want any changes
made or if you’re going to be using it!!


That’s okay, thank you!

requesting a cover
title: iridescent
subtitle: let's get lost
author name: boisterously
2 line summary: in which a girl who can't go outside and a boy with anxiety learn to love themselves and each other on a road trip.
ideas: im just thinking something not too crazy, just my faceclaim who i'll link below, surrounded by textures. it could be a typography kinda cover in terms of the text and layout too & any sort of floral or fun textures / doodles is fine. here's some inspo: https://pin.it/d4ees223q63pk7 https://pin.it/syis5mp33dyzli https://pin.it/wytx3dlh2xgqbf
images: https://pin.it/pxnqmqskigjest https://pin.it/kcn5jeximrpass https://pin.it/hdv3aj6ibgg4we https://pin.it/g25wycq6l7xtk6 https://pin.it/zgozbuvzxj7mmo https://pin.it/bwphndodb6b2du https://pin.it/rt2gdu3utpjivh https://pin.it/c5esunbpnjpwfj https://pin.it/qgmtnpwr77nh2g https://pin.it/pe5sywagnlafw6 https://pin.it/xrquiwgb5g7chp https://pin.it/pxnqmqskigjest https://pin.it/sfffoihyv2ampx https://pin.it/ytfydkgbv3jsxi https://pin.it/7rf76ggznclfz6
mood/colours: nothing too dark please! it's a lighthearted book, so anything with softer/ lighter/ pastel colors (not neon though!) would be great xx
anything else: thank you in advance <33


This is awesome! I’ll definitely be using it! Going to follow you now.


accepted x pls complete payment


Your covers are so pretty I cry everytime


payment complete! x


do you know when you’ll be open again?