Accepted. I will give it a shot.


Author: xxjust-being-mexx
Colours: dark, monochrome
Summary: He was fire. She was ice. But fate had a way of pulling polar opposites together.


Accepted. Welcome to the forum.


Accepted! You should have it within a week. I will keep you updated.

  • Title: Burning love
  • Author: Alex Dillon
  • Subtitle(Optional):
  • Colours: Orange and red
  • Mood: Creepy
  • Images(Optional):
  • Summary: The boy loves the girl. The girl doesn’t. Could this lead to something bad?



Accepted. Do you want all that summary on your cover?


Just add the part of him locking the girl up you can tweak the summary if you want actually hold on


Ok I fixed my summary




Your covers are done. Visit the latest chapter for them.

Tell me if you would like any change to be done and which one you will be using.


I was talking to Mexx. Sorry, your cover will be done tomorrow.


ahh ok sorry i didn’t see you you replied to until now


All good. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m sorry to say I won’t be using your covers. It’s not that they’re not good but I made one myself and I like it a bit more. Sorry for any inconveniences.


Okay. They will become pre-mades. I did work hard on them, but they wont go to waste.

Nonetheless, I’m sorry that I didn’t meet your expectations. I should have exchanged more with you to fully understand what you wanted.

Anywhoo. I hope your cover is good. Send me a photo; Id love to see it.




They met my expectations! It’s just mine was slightly more in line with my vision. Sorry again.


It’s okay.


I have finished your first cover. I don’t want to make the other until you give me feedback and I see what you do and don’t like.


I cant wait to get mine!