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custom covers


— full credit in the story (preferably at the end of the synopsis). to clarify: stories don’t have to be published, but if you are going to actually use my graphic, it needs to be published two weeks max after or it will become a premade. notify me when you will publish, because unless i see it myself, it’ll automatically become a premade.


— if i say no, it’s not because your cover is not worth making. it is because i do not have the inspo. please respect my right to deny requests.


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— title:
— subtitle:
— author name:
— details:
— examples/colour scheme:
— other:

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i am currently at the end of my semester so deliveries may be a little slow (but i’m trying to get back into the habit). i redownloaded the app so if any problems arise and i don’t get back to you immediately, pm me on my wattpad profile @demonologies.

finally, i am not currently offering premades at the time, though it is tagged. i will soon when i get around to making a few rando covers.

additionally, people who never got their graphics delivered in my previous thread, if you happen to find this and are still kicking around on this website. your graphic will be free.

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awaiting deliveries

  • adroite / #40
  • conteurr / #54
  • kittykash92 / #56
  • **
  • overdosin / #62
  • nellie_salvatore / #64 *

this ghosty is open . . . (02/12/19)

your use of colors is just astounding! good luck on this thread x

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whoa, i was legit just stalking both of your threads lmao. your comment means a lot, thank you so much!

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— title: Bastard

— subtitle:

— author name: Laura Ann Lee

— details: I really enjoy “Things Around The Sun” and was hoping to get something similar. I would like a tanish background with ripped paper; have Zac Efron or Lucky Blue Smith on the cover, make his eyes yellow or bright purple as he’s supposed to be a monster. Have the girl, Emilia Clarke or Scarlet Johansen, included in the background. Or The cover could be something along the lines of a forest; have Zac Efron or Lucky Blue Smith in monster form (bright yellow or purple eyes) with Emilia Clarke or Scarlet Johansen behind him. Make the guy look scary as a monster.

— examples/colour scheme: One, Two, Three gloomy/ black/red

— other: Thank you. At Deaths Door

@Moxxxii partially accepted ! i feel like i can pull it off but i’m not used to using celebrities. i’ll let you know by tomorrow if it’s a fully accepted!

Could I request once more. The next one is more of a text based cover.

‪‪— title: The Untold Story of Rebecca ‬‬Duncan
‪‪— subtitle: ‬‬
‪‪— author name: Laura Ann Lee‬‬
‪‪— details: The background being a gloomy, dark theme with some butterflies in the background as well; I’d like the background to be blurred. Maybe have a pair of glasses in the middle, within the frames have a clearer picture of the background. Then have the title. ‬‬Or just have a blurred background with butterflies and then the title. You can use the examples as your guide. I give you full creative freedom.
‪‪— examples/colour scheme:‬‬ One, Two, Three
‪‪— other: Pushing Up Daisies. Thank you ‬‬

beautiful graphics!!!

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thanks love! means a lot

@Moxxxii couldn’t wait till morning. on a roll. pulled it off. lemme know if you’re going to use one of them (or both i suppose, payment’s the same anyways) within the next 2 weeks or i’ll have to make it a premade.

bastard2 bastard

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I have to say that I really enjoy your covers. If you’re still open later in the month I’m totally going to have to come here and get a cover.

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thank you! if this thread doesn’t die out, i’ll be happy to look over your request!

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I’m definitely using them! I will credit you as soon as I post the first chapter. It will be before the 2 week mark.

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to help me keep an eye out for it, could you please tell me when it’s published. thank you!

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