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Hai there, It’s Kai (used to go by my pen name Nat if you recognize the covers) and I’m offering free covers because I’m going to be really bored.

Disclaimer: Only a few more requests will be accepted till I close this shop forever–this is my last stunt making covers for wattpad for a while. Also I will be making the covers during next week as this week till may 20 at least, I have a college interview!


you can thread hop as long as you let the other designer and me know (as I may end up accepting and not doing your cover if something important comes up, note that I usually don’t do this but I am warning you.)

let me know if using + credit is all I ask.

link back to your story if you’re using :slight_smile: thankyou.

I may deny you for no reason whatsoever it basically means I can’t do your request because I don’t think I’m up for it.

edit: I’m going to try out covers which inspire me the most first.

here are some of my examples


*cover style (manip/minimalist/simple)


*author: (no usernames)



*pictures (optional):


*anything else:




cover style: manip
title: Dug Up
author: Barry D’Alive
ideas: crime scene, dug up grave
color-scheme: dark
pictures (optional):
mood/genre: mystery/horror
anything else: Good luck with your applications.


ooh this seems interesting, I’m going to try this and see what I can come up with! Thank you so much!

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*cover style (manip/minimalist/simple) simple
*title: Lollipop Love
*author: (no usernames) Huhgs N. Kices
*ideas: lollipops, hearts, sugar

Stolen from Pinterest


*pictures (optional):
*anything else: hope this works!

  • cover style (manip/minimalist/simple): manip

  • title: there be dragons, harry

  • author: (no usernames)

  • ideas:

    • The story is about humanoid dragons so a boy with green eyes and white dragon wings behind him or something. Maybe a bigger set of golden wings kind of shadowing the edges of the cover? If not, then the boy could be with his back towards the cover.

    • The background could be made out of scales, multicolored ones. And have the text like in Morpheus font and fire licking at the borders of the cover.

  • color-scheme: fiery colors, white and gold, etc.

  • pictures (optional):

  • mood/genre: adventure, romance, fantasy

  • anything else: I doubt you’ll do this but if you do, can I use it as a fan art?


Ooh I’ve never tried something like this before, it’s so out of my comfort zone. Excited to get to this!

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THIS IS SO MY STYLE, I haven’t done a manipulated cover since I was 16 so I would probably screw this up but well, I’ll definitely try this–and yes, you could use it as fan art :smiley:

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Yes! I am glad to hear that you’ll give it a try. I, honestly, thought you wouldn’t accept this covet request since, well, not everyone deals with dragons and stuff like that.

Also, another possible idea of this would be something in the style of the Incubus book written by Amanda Meuwissen. But I think that’s a bit too high and a definite no. Lol.

Also, you’re going to pursue graphic design for school? That’s cool. I am actually considering taking digital graphic design in school.


I’ve got degree in graphic design. Don’t do it. Don’t go to design school. You should try UX/UI instead, graphic design is a dying career. With the fiver, squarespace, 99designs…we are dying breed. Computers will have our jobs.

Also first rule in graphic design…do nothing for free.

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true–I’m actually applying for visual communication which is a broader field, and includes graphic design. Apparently I can try all the other various kinds of design if I want to for credits and I intend on pursuing a career with film-making and freelancing as a designer but I’m only saying that now you never no where I’d end up in the future. It’s just that I feel that design is the field I’m meant to be in ya know? I’m sad to hear that though.

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I’ve actually have been offered a seat in graphic design in a good university which is actually in my city but I was looking for a visual communication seat which is like way broader and includes graphic design. I have an interview sometime in the coming weeks for this other college in a different state and I needed a section for “graphic design” which is why I was looking to make some new examples since most of my examples are really old.

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cover style: manip
title: She Was Water
author: Sam T.
ideas: a girl turning into liquid (like a fade effect), a girl with a dress that is made of/ tapers off into liquid, a silhouette of a girl made of water
color-scheme: shades of blue
pictures (optional): n/a
mood/genre: Realistic Fiction/ General Fiction
anything else: good luck :slight_smile:


cover style (manip/minimalist/simple)
title: Predators: Black Blood
author: Anika V.
ideas: dark silhouettes trying to kill each other?
color-scheme: darker shades, maybe some red
pictures (optional): n/a
mood/genre: action/adventure/mystery
anything else: ‘love breeds betrayal’ as the subtitle



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Ayyyyyyyy i hope you can because that’d be awesome


Hi I did yours first because it was way of of my comfort zone and this is what I came up with!


Cute! I think it looks great!

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I almost want to read or write this now, haha

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Thank you so much! I’m happy to hear that!