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This is closed, I’m gonna open a new one up but this is messy and I want to establish new rules and all that jazz


Ahhh! You’re working on animation! That’s my dream! What school do you go to?


I’m going to SCAD right now, which is an amazing school. Just in my foundations right now, but going into my major classes in spring – gotta do DrawingII and 3D design first


Dang. That’s so cool. I have to save up money before I can go to any school. I’ll have you draw one of my babes, is there anything you’re particularly in the mood to draw?


Honestly, I’m up to draw anything, I need practice and I’ve got a six week winter break to do nothing, so yeah.


First request? Idk, but your art is just so awesome I couldn’t resist! So beautiful I love it so so much :heart:


Oooo your character is cool! I’ll definitely work on her, but I may play with the poses and expression a little bit


Thank you so much! I am flexible with the poses and expressions. :heart:



Character Name: Aila Vex

General Description: Icy blonde curly hair, big doe like steel eyes, slight freckles over her nose, upturned nose and pale skin

Personality Description: Cold, manipulative, seductive and dark. Will do anything in order to survive

Eyes, Hair, Skin: Face ( Hair/Face (

Clothing and Accessories: ( but with blakc choker necklace instead

Colour Scheme, patterns, inspiration, etc: Black, leather, more black, honestly anything black

Pose, expression: Bottom left pose/expression (

Anything Else: Thank you for considering :))))


Character Name: Ravenna

General Description: Junior student. Ringleader. Comes from high classed (and ridiculously perfectionistic) family. Straight A student.

Personality Description: Able to shut off emotions at will. Manipulative, cunning, intelligent. Also goal-orientated and perfectionistic. Control freak. Very prideful and egotistical.

Eyes, Hair, Skin: Hazel eyes. Fair, light skin tone. Long, honey blonde hair that is slightly wavy. Her face is heart-shaped and she has slender facial features. Slightly arched eyebrows.
This is a reference for her physical appearance (the first picture is the most accurate to the character):

Clothing and Accessories: Beige colored cardigan over a crimson shirt. (If it’s a full body art, then she also wears blue jeans and black& white converse shoes.

This is a reference for the cardigan:

Colour Scheme, patterns, inspiration, etc: Color scheme doesn’t matter much, but maybe red and black in the background???

Pose, expression: She’s very prideful, so maybe something that reflects that aspect of her personality. Her arms should be folded/crossed against her chest.

Anything Else: She’s known to be very pretty. 17 years old. If you have any questions regarding her, please don’t hesitate to ask! If you need more info, please tell me.

Thank you! :blush:


I think I might accept your request, but can you tell me her physical description – her face, skin marks, etc etc


I think I may accept your request, but I do need a colour palette – from colourlovers for example – because black is not a colour palette

#15 how’s this?


I want to attend scad after I finish my generals but it’s expensive as hell and I have no clue how good their film program is there


That works, I might add some additional colour accents though to bring some stuff out


Student loans are your friend, and their film program is one of the best – at least the film students say so. It also fosters an incredible artistic environment. And they kinda dish out a lot of scholarships. Remember, it’s also a private institute, but it’s one of the cheaper art schools out there. I’d say it’s worth it, especially if you get generals out of the way


That’s true, it’ll help that I’ll be paying in-state tuition so that should help


that’s perfectly fine! Thank you so much!


I’ve edited my request form and added more physical descriptions. :blush:


Hello! This is the sketch of the character, and if you give me the go ahead I will throw some colour on and finish it up
(thee lines are because it’s a picture of it, they are not on the acutal image)