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Wow this is so cute! I’m so excited to see this with colours. Is it possible to make her nose a little smaller? If not, it’s totally fine because I love it as it is too. You are such a talented artist. :heart:


what if you have no refrences?


Yes, the nose is super easy to make smaller! And it should be done within the next day or two?


Um, I would personally prefer them, but if you give me enough information for the character I can go off of that


I managed to find refrences!


Awesome, thank you! And, take your time. :two_hearts:


I’ve seen your request, and i will give it a go, but I don’t know how it will turn out so we’ll see


Hi, I’ve looked over your request again, and I’ve decided it is not accepted. Sorry!


thank you


And honestly, I already know you’ll do her more justice than I can (I tried drawing one of the characters from the same story, didn’t go well) also, I just saw I left out her personality, I added in some descriptors


Character Name: Zanixa

General Description: She looks like a red fox, but instead of a tail of hair, she has a tail of flames. It’s pretty majestic, if she does say so herself. Aside from the tail, she’s a fairly normal almost-adult fox kit.

Personality Description: She’s easily scared, but her curiosity easily overrides her fear. She loves to run away and explore - even if that did get her magically trapped in a bottle.

Eyes, Hair, Skin: Eyes are amber-colored, like foxes’ usually are. Her hair is bright orange/red. Her skin is covered by her fur

Clothing and Accessories: No clothing or accessories :slight_smile:

Colour Scheme, patterns, inspiration, etc: It’d be great if it were something fire-y and bright, maybe like a black background with her in the middle and embers around it.

Pose, expression: Wide-eyed/curious. On wikipedia it says how curious foxes look (Inquisitive foxes will rotate and flick their ears whilst sniffing - here’s an image)

Anything Else: This is a bit of an odd request, but hey, even a fox deserves to get a drawing :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for offering this service, as I can’t draw a stick man to save my life.

Original picture. The small fox in front is Nix
I wanted to post another picture, but my wifi is too bad to be able to load google anymore. I’m sorry


I’ll give your drawing a try, but I’m not sure if I will accept it or not yet.


You wanna try drawing a dragon for me?


I mean if you fill out the form I can see what I can do


Character Name: Everest

General Description: A dark evergreen color with purple eyes. (Picture will show more features)

Personality Description: once was a loved hero, but after unfortunate circumstances, turned cold and deadly

Eyes, Hair, Skin: scales

Clothing and Accessories: nope

Colour Scheme, patterns, inspiration, etc: idk. Just go about it however you feel

Pose, expression: it’s up to you. Just be sure, he’s never happy, so you won’t see him smiling unless it’s a cold smile or evil grin

Anything Else: scales kinda lap to look almost like fur

I’m sorry I can’t post a link since this is coming straight out of my gallery. It’s just a sketch I did in my free time and thought it would be cool to see it done by someone else’s style.


Character Name: Eleth

General Description: She’s a 19 year old hunter from the northern, barren lands of Camcroten. She has a scar on her left cheek, and flies aircraft as a hobby. Oh, also, in her world, the sun is poisonous so during the day she wears heavy clothes and a helmet.

Personality Description: She’s a quiet person, sometimes overly serious, but her humor is very biting and dry. She’s also a very morally grounded person and usually tries to act in the interest of others, but her temper can be an issue if she’s pushed too far.

Eyes, Hair, Skin: Her hair is a neutral, medium brown that’s very thick, curly and reaches her shoulders. Her eyes are grey, and she also has an epicanthic fold. Her skin is quite pale.

Clothing and Accessories: As stated, the clothes in her world are very thick and heavy due to the sun and cold temperatures. She generally wears a knee length jacket (red), with black gloves, leather boots and burnt orange trousers.

Colour Scheme, patterns, inspiration, etc: Red, yellow and orange, probably with contrasts of blue. It would be best to draw her at nighttime. For her clothes I was inspired by historical Mongolian attire and the clothes from ‘nausicaa valley of the wind’.

Pose, expression: I’ll leave that up to you.

Anything Else: Here’s my personal art of her (I’ll make them small)


Denied, sorry. With the lack of information with poses or expression and colour scheme makes it pretty impossible to do your request.


Your character sounds pretty interesting, but I need some idea on her expression or pose soooo if you can provide that information or a general idea on it – or if there should be something she’s interacting with or setting I’d love to know so I can get a gist on how to draw her and possibly accept you


Maybe standing in a window. I’ll do a rough pose sketch to give to give you an idea

Either that or sat on a rock and looking at the moon. Either would be good


K, that works for me! I shall give it a rough sketch attempt and see if you’re accepted