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have her figure look more elegant if it is at all possible, if not, no big deal


Fixed up her character and lineart, and gonna proceed if that’s ok (unless you do want to see the lineart?)


Character Name: Cyan

General Description: A nineteen-year-old girl of average/tall height

Personality Description: she’s a chef who cares a lot for others.

Eyes, Hair, Skin: greenish-blue/cyan, honey-colored, pale

Clothing and Accessories: She tends to dress comfortably and wears aprons

Colour Scheme, patterns, inspiration, etc: flowers, bright colors

Pose, expression: happy

Anything Else: thanks!


Hey if you don’t add more information in your request you will be denied. References work incredibly, happy is not enough of a “pose/expression” for me to really go off of, and I just need more details because without them it’s basically me shot-gunning the request which is a really bad idea

tl;dr: more info is needed thanks and if more isn’t added soonish then I will deny you



(I will try and get two more sketches done tomorrow for those who have been accepted :slight_smile:


it’s ok, sorry for not responding, I went to sleep


Character Name: Alexi Orlov ‘TrailBlazer’
Age 20 years old.
His outfit consists of this.

US Army style Blue Tiger Camo on the left side is the flag of Ukraine and it overlaps his vest like he wears the jacket after donning the vest. Left side of jacket should say ‘TRAILBLAZER’ while the right side is ‘N.U.A.F’
He wears a High Capacity vest that looks worn and patched up.
Around his body is a single ammunition belt
He wears a red beret with three stars
Basically an African War lord look
Ripped blue jeans that are patched up and finger less gloves.

His Facial Features.
White hair and is slicked to the back and has a small stubble growing in his chin.
His eye color is brown.
I want his facial features to be sharp to show off that classic Disney villain look.
Right eye is squinted. And his look should be calm yet shows off a sense of danger. Like this
His pose is his hand is over his hair as if he is finger brushing the side. It should show off his gear.
His body type is thin since the dude smokes allot.

As for art style don’t color it except for his eyes. Make it shaded and shabby

Thanks and I will help you in any way I can (Please not critique im not good at stuff like that! :joy:)


Hey, when you don’t use the form I can’t get all the information I need to for the drawing, so You are unfortunately denied. Sorry


here’s the eyes


really, just really her smiling or like she’s having fun. the irony is gut-wrenching.


K, I’ll give her a try but no promises on how it comes out (I might go a little nuts on poses or lighting :slight_smile:


tis fine! aside from certain details, idk what I want til I see what I don’t.




how’s Akira going? (sorry if I am nagging a wee bit, I am curious)


Here is a WIP PNG of your character – the hair and crown are not done, and I’m probably gonna do some extra lighting and stuff later :slight_smile: (also fixed the big smear of the midsection :slight_smile:


I’m liking it! (are her eyes done?)


I haven’t added the highlight or done the white of her eyes yet, no worries


ok! (thank you!)


I just realized, her facial expression and such has a very different expression


Yes I changed it to make it look more regal, like you asked


No, I meant her body, her facial expression was perfect