Closed - new one opening up soon



it should be a simple fix and it should be deliverable tomorrow


Sorry for the hassle, thank you


Nah no biggie, got that expression fixed and the hair and crown shall be done pretty darn quickly


ok, just make sure it’s straight black hair, down to the middle or lower part of her back


yup, no worries!
(and just so you know the character has been pretty damn fun to draw; that crown is fantastic i love it so much)


I also have a prince, but I’ll wait some time before requesting him


the crowns represent their rank in the Blood Council, gold is new apprentices, silver are apprentices that have been on for 2 years and they have some gorgeous ones they get as full fledged members




Its fine thanks for replying! Hahaha :blush:



Hello! This is the completed drawing! You can use it on wattpad in your stories, but you need to show me the link (pm works) where it is posted and credit me! Do not remove the watermark, and have a great day



Thank you!


oh, can you darken the dress? It matches her skin a lot


Yeah, probably can do that. I might change the hue of it a tad bit too


and her eyes bit


The delivery post is edited :slight_smile:


Much better! Thank you!


No problemo, and feel free to request again whenever




Fun new offer: y’all can also ask me to draw characters from preexisting literature. They can be scenes with one or more character in them and will have a background and such. Use this form:

Character(s) names:
Character descriptions:
Interactions between characters:
Scene description:
Colour schemes:
Anything Else:

(Feel free to flood me with this. Literally your key to fanart)