Closed - new one opening up soon



Oh thank you! It just takes lots and lots of practice! I bet yours don’t look that bad :):relaxed:


That looks awesome! Thank you



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Hey, I gave the sketch of the drawing a couple of tries and it just isn’t turning out well at all, so I will have to deny you. Sorry and good luck finding someone to draw Zanixa!


Badoop for fun (please load me up with requests, because I want to improve now more than ever!)




Hmm? Is there something wrong?


I requested a couple days ago…


I know, and I have started on the sketch. Me asking for requests is so I don’t run out of them so I can keep working after the ones I have now are gone. I’m also doing them chronologically/first come first serve so yours should be done relatively soon


Oh, okay! :sweat_smile:


are you still open for requests?


Yup yup yup. Feel free to request as much as you want


Now that I know how to properly fill this out, I have another fanart request.

Character(s) names: Phineas Flynn
Character descriptions:

best drawing I can find for his features, but with paler skin and very pale blue, almost white eyes

For clothes, I don’t have an image, but like an oversized yellow hoodie that covers his hands and jeans.

Scene description: Not happy but content, smiling. Standing either with the sleeves of his hoodie covering his hands or having his hands buried in his pockets (hoodie or jean pockets work).
Colour schemes: warmer

Anything Else: I should have put it in my other request but forgot (I filled it out at like 2am), both characters are supposed to be about 16.


I’ll give it a sketch but I’m not sure if you’re accepted or not. I’ll jerp ya posted on it


Okay, thank you.



Hello! This is the completed drawing! You can use it on wattpad in your stories, but you need to show me the link (pm works) where it is posted and credit me! Do not remove the watermark, and have a great day



Girl this sketch you did is so good amazing job!


hi hi hi I started working on the sketch of Cyan tonight, and the clean sketch should be up tomorrow so you can give me the go-ahead to do it :grin:


Thank you! That looks awesome!


No problem! Glad you like it :slight_smile: