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Character Name: Ez-her
General Description: He was born as a second child to king and queen of the air kingdom. He walked in a fire as a child and has scars over his right side.
Personality Description: He can fly. He is considered mad or delusional but actually is very smart. Doesn’t like to talk much except philosophy or theology. Knows that everyone else is stupid. Always has the same expression and voice.
Eyes, Hair, Skin: Grey eyes, really long red hair, skin almost white. He is very beautiful except that his right side is Burnt. Head, right eye, cheek, neck, hand, leg all scarred. Right ear and right eyebrow is missing. Lips are unharmed.
Clothing and Accessories: A green emerald in his left ear. Dark colour leggings with untucked white shirt and belt over the shirt. (Mediaeval/ fantasy look). No shoes. (A velvet/fur cloak since it is too cold)
Colour Scheme, patterns, inspiration, etc: Snow/starry night.
Pose, expression: Floating in air with his usual blank expression
Anything Else: You may make a left profile of him, if you don’t want to draw the burnt scarred part.
Thanks a ton


I’ve seen your request, but I’m not sure if I can do it. I’ll give it a sketch, though


Hello, here is the sketch of Cyan! When you give me confirmation, I will move onto colouring it! (around her neck is a flower necklace! It’s not super easy to see because the picture isn’t the highest quality export atm)





could you take out the smile line and change the flower to a music note?


yeah I guess (the smile line will be shaded in don’t worry)


Hi hi hi I’m starting to sketch Alex :slight_smile: Just a little update


Hi hi hi I have your sketch ready. Once you give me the goahead I will start on the colouring :slight_smile:
(it’s messy but it’ll all be cleaned up )



I like it a lot! Thanks!


Awesome, I will be starting the coloring in the morning then!


Thank you


Yup yup



Hi hi hi hi hi!!! This is the completed drawing! You can use it on wattpad in your stories, but you need to show me the link (pm works) where it is posted and credit me! Do not remove the watermark, and have a great day (also I’m really freakin happy with how this turned out yay!!!)

didn’t pick up the piece within a week, so it’s gone…:frowning:

(if you don’t respond within three days the drawing will be removed :cry:




Hi, I’m starting the sketch of your characters today. I’m probably gonna do them all individually, and if I get motivation spike I will do the scene of them running around and such (wanna make sure I nail down the characters first :slight_smile:


Sounds good. Thank you!






Could I request another character?


Go for it :slight_smile: as many as you want!