story name: Hunted

author: Scarlettrose95

Story Deception:

Sarah white s your typical high school junior she isn’t the most popular girl at her school but she isn’t an outcast either but she isn’t an outcast either but as one night leads to a crazy encounter with a pack of werewolves things in Sarah life get turn upside down.

as she is HUNTED down by one pack and protected by another but not everyone in the pack wants to protect her but even as things start to make since she catches the Eye of a scientist by the name of Dr. Evens who seems to have it out for her.

Follow Sarah and her werewolf friends as they try to fight off crazy scientist, Hunters and other werewolves as they fight to protect her. What This?! Sarah may not be what she thinks she is? what is her connection to the werewolves and why dose thing in the werewolf history not add up? will she ever find out the truth in this crazy world?

Additional Comments: I would like something nearly similar or better then my current cover if you think you can I try to post it here but it wouldn’t allow me to so ill try to explain it the best I can. it a picture of a mountain with a blended picture of a girl with white hair and a black wolf looking at the reader with the word Hunted right under them then at the bottom there the words book one and my username I hop I could explain it good enough for you here if you can do this thank you.


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So I kept the girl with the white hair. the wolves, and the mountains, but kind of put my own style on it? I hope you like it! IF YOU DONT PLEASE PM ME, and please don’t forget about the payment.


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Story title:Timeless&Void

Author name: S.K.Allen

Subtitle: Book Two in the Hooded Capes Quartet

Story Description: Ashley Wood has finally accepted that becoming the Ambassador of Heroes and Villains is much more easier than proclaiming to the entire world. But she’ll discover when an ancient group of scientists smuggle her in the night, what makes a hero and makes a villain? Does good really triumph over evil?

Image Description: Ashley is black. So maybe a black actress with poofy hair or at least curled, on the verge of tears and a mask on her face, riping apart like ash.

Faceclaim:I forgot her name, but she was the one black girl that played in Disney zombie movie.

Mood: gloomy and controlled

Additional comments: thank you in advance regardless if you say yes or no


Your work is super amazing I’m new to the sight so im unsure how responses go but if you’re still going Covers

Story Name: New Rules

Author: Wryneck

Subtitle: None

Face Claims: I did not really base her on anyone really I saw this photo and thought yes this girl Golden skin Grey eyes her eyes come up a lot in my story im unsure how to post it

Mood: One of the main Characters is a jaded Queen B with Silver storming eyes that are the only things about her the other main character a usually very perceptive guy who loves her, at first sight, uses to know what shes really feeling they have a quirky friend who can read auras and his is rainbow pastels representing his new and caring nature while hers is Grey signifying feeling trapped she is smug and defensive and he is protective and confident but the cover im currently using shows them both in a moment in which they both see the world in each others eyes.

Story Description I wrote it as “After having her heart broken, Quin Fowler has come up with the perfect rules to dating, most important being have fun, never lie, never show your emotions, and leave before you’re left. Two years and dozens of broken hearts later Senior Quin’s rules have leaked into every part of her social and not even she can separate the real Quin from the manipulative mean girl but Cherrywoods newest golden boy Camden Davis is willing to try.”

The story came to me while listening to music New Rules being the main song it is based around but instead of her having 3 rules on staying away from one specific guy she made an inaudible amount of rules to stay away from feeling for any guy which caused strains on relationships creating layers of hard shells over the person she used to be. To her friends, she is a party girl with a mean streak to her parent’s shes a happy daddy’s girl who can do wrong and to people who dont like her shes a man-eater or succubus but Camden sees something else the closer he gets the more her jerk reaction is to push him away.

Image Inspiration : but im a blank slate im still writing so anything can help please and thank you


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Hi sorry just saw this! Thank you so much but I don’t think I’m going to use the cover. It isn’t really my style but I do love it! Sorry to make you go through all that!


Story Name: Moonlight

Author: Of_Tea_and_Dreams

Subtitle: A House of Night Fanfiction

Face Claims: None

Mood: Dark and brooding (Kinda like the House of Night covers)

Story Description: There are humans, and there are vampyres.

Everyone knows that.

But not everyone knows that there is another group, successfully hidden in plain sight.

Hale Storm is a shifter. Specifically, a wolf-shifter with a destiny to be the Luna of the largest pack in North America, merging her small family with it. With no choice or free will, she lets her sense of duty run her life.

Until the day she’s Marked as a fledgling.

As she stays at the Lone Star House of Night in her home state of Texas, she finds out a few things about herself (now with no duty holding her back), her family (like her cousin who was thought of as dead) and her history.

Image Inspiration: I’d have the image of a blonde-haired woman with her back facing the camera, either with one fist raised to a full moon or with her hands in her hair. The background could be a starry sky or anything you see fitting.

Additional Comment: N/A






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I was thinking of an older actress because Ashley is in her twenties. But I humbly accept anyway.

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STORY NAME: Deadly Secrets

AUTHOR: Clarissa La Fey

SUBTITLE: Kneel or Die

FACE CLAIM (S): Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch from the MCU) for my main character Cassie

MOOD: Dark and mysterious if possible?


Nobody really knew her except for the ghosts in the shadows, and for a while she thought that was okay. She could deal with the things that go bump in the night. Except, unluckily for her, the things that just went bump in the night are now making trouble -and it seems to be centering around her. Something she doesn’t want.

Now, with the ghosts and shadows circling her like a predator, watching her every move, and waiting, she has a battle on her hands. But who will win?

IMAGE INSPIRATION: i don’t have any images to do with this, although not for lack of trying, i just don’t know what it needs since i’m not good at covers at all haha

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: it’s a fanfiction set in the x-men universe, and my character is Cassiopeia Xavier, which, as you can guess by the last name, is Charles Xavier’s daughter. she has the ability to manipulate darkness and what is in the darkness. except in the story it’s fighting back. so if the cover can have something to do with the dark -a dark hallway with shadows would be amazing -with Elizabeth Olsen, then that’d be amazing. also it’s slightly mature, and there will be blood in the series, so if you can incorperate that that’d be perfect! sorry for annoying you if you can’t do this, although thank you so much if you can, I know it’ll be amazing!



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