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Focus of the critique:


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I’m interested. Thanks for offering. Here’s my book below:

Title: Children of the Archangels

Author: L.A. Rivera (@BronxCrusader)

Description: Nineteen-year-old Luke Sanchez was doing well at college until demons showed up at his campus and possessed his girlfriend. Luckily he solved that problem with a special ability only he possessed: to summon fire from the palm of his hand. The gift was granted to him by the archangel Uriel, one of the seven archangels in Christianity who adopt mentally stagnated children and imbue them with special powers.

However, Luke needed to know more about his heritage, so when the opportunity arrived to study at an academy for his kind up in the Rocky Mountains, he took it, leaving his friends, school, family, and the love of his life behind. He learns that mentally distracted children can only unlock the power within them at the cost of their innocence. And when he gets chosen by the school to carry out a dangerous mission to the Garden of Eden to help “save” a mentally lost child, he encounters monstrous creatures, demons, turned angels, and a betrayal that puts his new school’s safety in jeopardy.

Genres: YA Fantasy

Rated: PG-13 for Language and Mild Violence (It’ll be a movie inside your head)

Focus of Critique: Reactionary comments, and character development



H Vi! How are you?

Title: The Ex
Author: @EmRatosss
Focus of the Critique: what you like/dislike about the story and characters

Thanks for taking the time to do this :slight_smile:

Aneonnnnn! I’m fairly good, how are you? I see you’ve opened up shop :slight_smile:

Title: i before e
Author: LockAnKey
Link: i before e
Focus: Likes and dislikes of the characters, whether there is enough description and flow of sentences
Extra: just a massive thank you, you are really so kind to be doing this:)

I’m hanging in there hahaha. I thought i’d help some people out while i figure out how to write a dream sequence i’m struggling with :sweat_smile:

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@BronxCrusader Hi! i’m sorry but i’m declining your request.

@EmRatosss and @LockAnKey You’re both accepted! i added your books to a reading list and will start reading soon :slight_smile:

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Ohhhh nice!!! Dreams can be difficult

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Thank you so much!

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i usually love writing them but this one refuses to be written lol.
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I am interested!

Title: Before She Ruled
Author: @amelierhys
Focus: general reactions, perspectives from someone who reads historical fiction
Extras: thank you for considering! So nice!

Thank you :smile:


Perennial Sophia

Genre is mystery / gothic romantic horror.

Just give out thoughts as they come.

Thank you.

TITLE: King of Hearts
AUTHOR: @phattimaddi
FOCUS OF THE CRITIQUE: What can be overall improved on? Cohesion? Investment in character?
EXTRAS: Story is rated mature for strong language and crude humor

@amelierhys Accepted! i’ve added your story to my reading list :blush:

@Crawdeloch sorry but gothic and horror themes are not my thing.

@phattimaddi accepted! you’ve been added to the list :grin:

Thanks so much! :blush:

Do you accept chick lit?