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Heres a concept / Samples, let me know if you’d like any changes. I’ll also be pming these to you shortly


The first one is really amazing~ Thank you.



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Title: Children of Earth

Synopsis: The indigenous people of the Ekimyenta island are said to have been able to see past their oceans into different worlds, different lifetimes entirely through their dreams. Until one day, a dream foretold a story- the story -of how the world was to end. And shortly after, the people of Ekimyenta disappeared, leaving only their dreams behind.

Wilbur didn’t choose to come to this Island any more than Ioseva chose to be born on it or Cybil chose to crash land on it. Separated by the sands of time but brought together by shared dreams, three teens from three different timelines struggle to navigate the strangeness of the island.

With the gravity of the war times that Wilbur is living in, the hopelessness of a rescue for Cybil, the impending end of Ioseva’s people, and the threat of the all-consuming darkness of the end of the world, their dreams must be untangled quickly in order to survive.

Images (optional)/ want the cover to be like): It would be best if the cover centered around the landscape of an Island rather than the actual people with a light, thin font.


Title: Best Intentions
Subtitle (Optional):
Synopsis: Based on the true story of Kate Hoyt and her best friend, who spiraled into a mad shadow of who he once was as h****** corroded his mind, this story follows Kate’s POV in her friend’s descend to madness and aims to draw awareness to the danger of addictive drugs, and sometimes, the addicts.
Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): idk if it’s illegal to use a picture of drugs to be the cover, but if it isn’t, can you do that please? If it is, idk I’d like to see what you can come up with
Extra Stuff you want me to know: do you need all three payments or pick one?




Accepted and if you notice in the payment section the only one that is worded absolute is the last one:

  • A follow will suffice, doesn’t have to be permanent or forever.
  • Read one of my stories, if you wish.
  • You must credit me in the description and the first chapter of the book, as long as you’re still using the cover

Also as long as its not against TOS it should be fine. (re: https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/200774334-Content-Guidelines) Drugs is also a very broad term, do you want heroin/meth, pills, or?


Thanks! :grin: you can charge a bit more if you want, you’re covers are gorgeous, the wait time is unbelievably short, youre fine with edits, you’re even fine with hopping!



This is kind of what i’m thinking - if you have a face claim I can put that in, that or I can make it a silhouette. I have a few other ideas.


earth earthchild

Here are some concepts I’m going through let me know if you’d like any changes or anything. I’ll pm these to you as well


Thank you! I like the first one a lot.


Here you go - I’ll dm it to you as wellearth%20done


It’s so beautiful…:heart:


Title: Of Shadows

Subtitle (Optional): N/A

Synopsis: Aided by a virus whose symptoms are strangely supernatural, Oda Alours has made a living off the secrets you thought you could keep hidden. She thrives in the back-alley shadows, dealing secrets to anyone with a pretty penny. All she needs to survive is to keep her head down around the police and keep her mystical ability under wraps.

Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): Here’s an album with some inspiration > https:// imgur. com /a/c5rZDgF The one with green on it was the original cover, but I couldn’t keep it because I created it with a copyrighted image (rip). I really liked it though, so something similar would be amazing! There’s also an edit I made of the MC’s favorite knife — a major plot point. The one with the building against the sky is just another edit just for inspiration, and the remaining one is an old cover, not a fan of the lettering and whatnot, but I always liked the girl in the background if you could do something similar

I really want something similar to the original, I like the color blocked font and the silhouette of a girl in the rain (the ability comes from the rain) or in an alley (they’re criminals… so), basically I just like a lot of contrast, not a lot of colors (like kind of a noir theme)

Extra Stuff you want me to know: Please use the six caps font if you can, it’s free if you just google it. Otherwise, thank you!




Title: The Words Unsaid
Subtitle (Optional): we are so much more
Synopsis: a poetry collection about the melancholy of life and trying to capture those “it” moments in time
Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): I really like the smoky colors on the Resist samples, nice and simple / one imagery I get is when it rains and the window gets foggy?
Extra Stuff you want me to know:


accepted :smiley:


Heres some samples, i’ll dm them to you as well let me know if you’ll like any changes.





Here is a concept I came up with let me know how you like it I’ll also dm it to you