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To anyone thinking about requesting, this thread is awesome


Title: Just Another Brushstroke
Synopsis: Eighteen year old Jeremy deferred from college for a year, and he’s trying to get his head on straight. Until he runs into a nineteen year old Italian painter who is very fascinated with him. A part of Jeremy wants the universe to push this painter out of his path but another part of him wants him to stay.
Extra Stuff: This is a romance. So warm colors, nothing to dark. I would prefer if there was a boy on the front but if not then that is fine.



Thank you for this offer–your covers are intriguing. I am new to Wattpad, but have a completed and edited novel to upload, my first–

Title: A Stray

Synopsis: Luka is new to town, struggling to fit in at his new school in a small town after his Mom moved him out of Chicago. A freak accident (?) creates chaos in his life when he is hit by a stray bullet, but also opens the door to a new group of skater friends, and to a girl who is fascinated by him.

Images: A long white wooden fence at a park is the site of the shooting, and I can imagine a spot of blood on a sidewalk, and a skateboard left haphazardly. Open to suggestions, but can imagine the title running down, like:
or something like that. Thanks!


Accepted - do you have a faceclaim or general description of the boy?




Delivery! Let me know if you’d like any changes, I’ll also be dming them to you.



Blonde, short hair. Green eyes, petite, short. Very innocent looking.


Title: Murder By Associate
Hearts of Darkness
Synopsis: A big city cop moves to a small town after an ordeal that leaves her reeling only to learn that crime is every where.
Images: I like contrasting colors on the Heart Sound samples, nice and simple / one imagery I get is when it rains and the window gets foggy? I enclosed a picture of a fog scene.

colors on the Heart Sound samples, nice and simple / one imagery I get is when it rains and the window gets foggy?

Extra Stuff you want me to know:


got it! I’ll see if I can whip something up tonight.




Title: Sky Full of Stars
Subtitle (Optional): Two hearts and a … (sky full of stars) ya know?
Synopsis: Senior Nicole Ashton is just trying to get through her last year of high school without any issues. She’s never had to worry about bullying, boys, or popularity and all she has to do is get through eight more months until she won’t ever have to worry again. Unfortunately for her, a new boy has made his way to town and is staying with Nicole’s family. What happens to Nicole’s life when his boy turns out to be the presidents’ son?
Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): I don’t really know specifically know what I want, but I’d like it to look romance-ish. That’s really all I want.
Extra Stuff you want me to know: Not really :upside_down_face:




Here are some concepts I’ll also DM them to you :slight_smile: Let me now if you’d like any changes

brush2 brushstroke brushstroke2 brushstroke3


Delivery! I’ll also dm these to you let me know how you like them and if you’d like any changes!jewls stars%202




I like your work!
Title: Daughter of Altheria
Subtitle: Light of Almenestia book 1
Synopsis:Altheria was once a peaceful, and serene country.
Now it is on the brink of war.

Ten years ago, something erased all of Ailias’ memories. One day, a strange man approaches her, to tell her she is the one he has chosen to serve, and several unusual incidents follow the mysterious meeting. What will she do, when everything she knows comes unraveled?

Gailen had to make choices, to keep his family alive, decisions he regrets. Now that he has to face them, how will he react?

Orion is an Orphan with a dark past, the only he and his best friend Leon know. One day he finds this little girl lying alone in the woods, unconscious. But, little does he know, that she will change his world.

Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): Something to do with a crown, kind of like the snow queen sample you have. I have been going with a picture of the main character as the cover, but i haven’t been feeling it lately.


Title: Desert Flower
Subtitle (Optional):

Synopsis: A girl is sent out into the desert to die, but finds that it is where she will thrive. Hyacinth, or Haya, is deemed to be a sinner by her village and sacrificed to the desert. She finds that inside of herself there is no evil, but there is something unknown and powerful.

Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): The main character is brown. She’s Indian or middle-eastern in ethnicity. Black hair, brown skin, large eyes. The story draws from middle eastern culture, so she would be wearing a head scarf of some sort.

Extra Stuff you want me to know: Feel free to go crazy with it. The cover does not have to have a person on it. It can be totally different.

Thank you!