Hey there! I’m very new to the community and new to writing so I’m looking around for some friends and any help I can get :slight_smile:


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Hi! Welcome! Do you have any specific questions or areas you need help in?


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Hello :wave: This is a general question, but I’m having trouble classifying my new story and I was just wondering what counts as “adventure” since it seems like such a broad, overlapping category. Does anyone know?


Guy I am so sorry! I’ll have all the topics updated asap – please give me a few minutes


Well what’s your story about? Cause you’re right, adventure is quite broad


An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating in extreme sports. (Straight from google)

Basically is like action except…with less action


What are some tips you could give to a new writer?


It’s a dark fantasy story, but the characters are constantly moving to different locations and it’s basically a continuing journey with lots of action along the way (kind of like Lord of the Rings I guess…?) So I feel like it could fit under adventure too

  1. DON’T use too many cliches
  2. Use grammar (I’m begging you)
  3. Have a good cover/title
  4. Have a planned plot


One thing that helps is keep writing. Sometimes I’m discouraged or not feeling inspired, but sometimes you gotta just keep writing and sometimes you are able to move past that block.

Also, sometimes criticism hurts. I think I felt a little b*tch slapped when I got my first (and even second) critique on my work, but you have to remember that 1. It might make your story better, even tho it kinda sucks at first 2. You don’t have to change it just cause someone suggested it. It is after all, your story.

Give yourself a lot of grace and slack. It’s easy to beat yourself up over a story that didn’t turn out as magical as you hoped, but if you remember that writing takes time to develop, you don’t have to feel down about less than perfect results.


So true lmao


Yeah, I can see where it can be fantasy or adventure. I’m not sure if one is necessarily better than the other to choose, so I think whatever you decide is probably fine, especially if it’s pretty much equally fantsty and adventure. My guess is that because it overlaps, people interested in both categories would take interest in your story, so I don’t think there’s a “wrong” answer.


That’s true. I guess I’m mainly wondering if the category I pick would change readership in any way, but it probably wouldn’t make too much of a difference