Hey, just wanted to ask if you think that it’s a good idea to include a prologue. I normally do, so I can set the basis for my first chapter, but if I’m still not sold on the concept. If anyone could make or break it, that would be perfect!


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covers and aesthetics (any graphic designs you may need/want)

covers and title (to do – not to do)

can’t stop procrastinating (5 ways to stop)

general grammar (if you need of an editor, i’m open for now)

point of view (are you confused on which one/s to use?)

beginnings are a bitch (how to start a story)

unrealistic plots you shouldn’t fall for (if you don’t know what NOT to write)


Prologues are fine – they give readers a general idea of what you’re book is about, so, yeah go for it!


I think if it makes sense, and it isn’t just a data dump, then prologues are totally fine.


Actually I sort of had a question about that too! Is it acceptable to have a prologue (idk if it’s technically a prologue or not) with the POV of someone who’s not the protagonist at the beginning of a story? I had planned on making it 1 chapter, but I liked the random side characters in it so I decided to expand it to 3 chapters. Is that a bad idea, to have all this extra stuff before the main character is even introduced? I feel like it would help with world-building, but idk


Yes, that’s perfectly fine – just make sure you don’t confuse readers. Any other questions? : )


That’s it for now :joy: thanks!


There’s a Novella called Heart of Darkness, which I think does this quite nicely. I believe the technique is called frame narration, although it’s not in the prologue per se because it was written in 1899 before they were a thing?


Cool lol


Thank you!


I love Heart of Darkness! I’d forgotten it started out that way


Yeah haha I just wrote an essay on it like twenty minutes ago so…


No problem! If you ever need help with anything else, I’m here


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I’m currently trying to write 1,000 words a day and I want to finish a short story I’ve been publishing.


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