Thank you so much! I’m sure you could write 1,000 words and if not maybe try 500 :slight_smile:


Stephen King has literally written more than any author I know :joy: He has like a TON of books, so it must work!


Yeah, it’s just balancing it with school sucks. I do try to write 1.5 a day in the holidays though.




That’s true, I have night classes twice a week and I currently don’t have a job (summer worker) so I just wake up and write first thing white I feed my bunny!


Funny enough I have watch him talk about writing but never actually read any of his books or watch his movies XD


tbh I’m not a huge fan of his writing style (the only one I really liked was The Shining), but he is definitely the king of mass book production


It was very cash money of him though, that’s for sure. How much is he worth again?


I followed you back!


I looked it up, and he makes like $40 million a year! :scream: life goals


I saw, thank you! I must sleep now, because I have school in six hours, but I’ll try to stay active on the thread.


lol good night then, drink some coffee tomorrow morning


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It seems that your thread is more fitting for the #story-services:general-writing-help club. I am going to move your thread there :blush:

Thank you for understanding!


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So I’m about to publish my first book on here and I need some really trending tags for a chicklit romance novel? Anyone know anything that can help?


So for the first time ever I don’t know what to call my story. I wrote it for nanowrimo and it’s modern fantasy but I don’t know how to figure out a title. I’m working on revising it right now. Help?


Try #HiddenJem #Love #ChickLit #Romance #Fiction #YoungAdult (These are some that are mostly search up)

Sorry for taking so long to answer, by the way


Can I get a general idea of the plot? And for the revision part, I usually first run it through Grammarly (It is free) and then separate things part by part so it’s easier. If you procrastination problem – like me – print out the actual draft then edit it part by part.