Yay I am excited to get the Catty !! Thank you for the review.


ANOTHER THIRTEEN READS - just as fortunate as an “unlucky” black cat

Once again ladies and gents, here are the recipients being recognized with a CATTY right now - all three.

Before we finish up with the last eleven reviews, here are the recipients from the current batch of thirteen:

"Abbernathy and the Cat Kingdom" by @OctaviaLocke

This story doesn’t get extra consideration for having cats in it. Still, it is a well-developed fantasy world.

Here is a redacted part of my review, followed by an appropriate GIF of two cats having a wee bit of fun:

“The writing is fluid, the on-point description plus imagery seems ethereal. The unique personality traits and preferences of the main character should make this a pleasant reading experience for everyone.”


"The Shade of These Dark Waters" by @denisaacl

No cats are in this tale like in the story that was just reviewed. Instead, the focus is on a woman pirate.

Here is a sampling of my comments, about the pirate who is totally taking names, and well-you-know…

“The name of the protagonist, plus the names of the body of water and the names of the ships, all invoke similar emotions and complement each other well.”


“There are sentences depicting violent acts without unnecessary descent into gore like ‘[Her swiftness] would be enough to force him onto his knees and watch his scarlet blood slide along his white skin.’”


An’ a bonus scoopin’ of story with a post-apocalyptic tale called “Sodality” by @ryangoslings

Later story chapters might be more action based. For the first two chapters motivations are on display.

“Randy sounds like a “horse’s pa-toot” as a Texan might say, but it was a great way to introduce the motivation for why the status quo has to change.” [He wants food, but won’t get off his ass to help find it.]

One character needs to replenish a dwindling supply of prescription meds. One is curious as to why a virus wiped out 60% of the world’s population. The characters are varied and will make for a good story.

Therefore, with the last CATTY here’s a classic science fiction reference accompanied by a black cat:



Thank you for the Catty! I genuinely appreciate your time to review my story, and all the other ones. Thank you :heart:


thank you so much for the catty ! it means a lot



I’ll start this review thread up again soon, so if you know someone who wants a review send them here :slight_smile:

Here are the two CATTY recipients. NOTE: The first one to be recognized deals with a serious subject.

The story is “Thin Walls” by @sarakbeeksma

There is much to unpack. The narrator might be accompanying a young woman with suicidal tendencies.

This is what I wrote as my review:
“The mention of dreams in the beginning seems appropriate as the passage tends to deal with altered states rather than full consciousness. The narrator makes observations like “the baggy tank top [hung] off her frame.” Then moves onto conclusions about the girl, such as imagining that she can see “the suicidal gears turning inside her mind.” The story also brings up instances that everyone has experienced – disassociation of time and place when traveling down a well-known path of driving. However, this is combined with thoughts and actions that are not universal. There are irrational behaviors (not stopping at a hospital so someone can get medical help) and nonsensical statements (“Everything is just as it should be, because it isn’t”). In addition to other elements – the minimal dialogue, the unstable settings, and the unreliable narrator – this mix of observations, conclusions, universal thoughts and behaviors, plus idiosyncratic ones, makes for an illuminating introduction.”

The other recipient of CATTY recognition is “Dreams of Scale and Bone” by @EchoeOtto


As you might guess from the cat GIF pasted above, this story is a steam punk tale. I wrote a lot in review:

[When the scientific principle of “correlation does not equal causation” has become a spiritual-like tenet]: “Funny how math and science principles in the story have taken on comparable significance to religious ideas in our current times.”


“References such as ‘Bristow’s toenail’ are compelling. Hopefully, we find out how who she or he is.”


[After the main character abandons her search on a beach because she is wearing clogs.] “More mundane facts like improper shoes make the motivations of the characters more realistic and relatable.”

and lastly

In sum, “excellent use of leaving bread crumbs to have readers wanting to discover more about this world.”

Thanks to everyone for participating. I tried to get everyone’s review done within a self-imposed deadline of five days, but for a few it went out to six. There were 52 reviews and I tried to make them all meaningful.

A bit of background -

I started interacting on the Wattpad forums a short time ago. When I realized a person could get reviews for their stories I thought that was pretty cool. I signed on for three “reviews for reviews,” and after I made my “payment” one reviewer left some insightful commentary. I literally took down my story so I could rework the introduction. I decided to review other stories at a limit of 4,000 words because I noticed some people had long first chapters, and for people like me one of my stories had a first chapter of only 300 words.

So, all is right with the universe. My favorite part was looking for cat GIFs. (I actually grew up with pet dogs.)

That’s it.

Good luck with your future stories everyone!


I did get to your book to review and comment right? I was leaving alot of comments for people at the time and just want to make sure if not when you repost i will get straight on it. you are a great reviewer with insightful words. what you are doing is very helpful for people


Hi! Would you be able to review the first chapter of one of my books?

A) Username: Wren_Parsons
B) Title: Lord Monticrox
C)Chapters: Could your please review the first 3 chapters? (Just under 4,000 words)
D) 1 Please! (Bottom of Chapters)
E)Catty?: Yes please! Sounds like a great idea! :slight_smile:

I’m in no rush so please take your time! I’m ready for any honest feedback, I want to know what people think!

Even though there isn’t a strict ‘payment’, I’ll still check out any of your work regardless! I love reading other creators work!

Thank you :blush:


i hate to hear that i think it is silly when people do that. well if you ever need me to have a read again let me know


Thank you so much! I appreciate all of it!


A. Username: Llrantus

B. Title of story: We Missed Each Other by an Eternity

C. How many chapters to be reviewed (4,000 words worth): First two. They’re easily under 4000 words, both are fairly short.

D: Review should be: 4

E. Do you want to be considered for a CATTY - Yes, please!


A. Username: therealmystique

B. Title of story: MUMBLE

C. How many chapters to be reviewed (4,000 words worth): I believe the prologue and the first V I S I T I N G chapter equal about 4k.

D: Review should be: (4) a combination. (really whatever you feel is best for giving the information you have to give. I’ll leave it to your discretion)

E. Do you want to be considered for a CATTY - Yes


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I may have a break this weekend for a spell. If you want to submit your info now I’ll try to see what I can do. If you know what a Pinned Tweet is, plus what someone’s Twitterfeed looks like (reverse chronological order) please consider reviewing my 500 word flash fiction story called “Twitterstorm Campaign.” If not, please consider reviewing “Jean Ho Chunk,” but again, whatever you want to do. It’s all good.


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