hello and welcome to my free cover thread!
this is my first time posting on this version of the mdc + i really need some more practice with making covers because i basically forgot a lot, so please request!

+ be patient pls
+ have some ideas
+ feel free to put your summary in “other” if you think it would help me!
+ look at the post below this to see how many requests are in the queue.


+ title:
+ subtitle:
+ author:
+ mood/genre
+ ideas:
+ other:



  • requests in the queue: 6

Hi! Does the story need to be posted?

no, it doesn’t!

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Hmm, I’m a cover designer myself but I’m looking for a fresh look for some of my older novels and would like to see what you can come up with! Crazy thing is the covers I make for other people are always better than the ones I make for myself :joy: anywho, I have 2, feel free to do one or the other or both!

The Unbecoming of Abby Marx
(currently titled Roses & Thorns, I’m thinking about changing the title but if you could create something fitting I’ll keep it!)

Subtitle: Is there ever such a thing as too far gone?
Author: Twila James
Genre: Dark Romance
Mood: Melancholy, Subdued
Key points about character: she’s has dark hair
Ideas: surprise me :slight_smile:

I’ll Make You Mine
(Also wanting to come up with another title, if you design something that’s more fitting I’ll go with it! I’ll leave a short summary)
Genre: Romance
Mood: Upbeat, Romantic
Key points about character: she’s a blonde who lives at the beach
Ideas: still don’t know lol


Maggie fell in love with the perfect guy years ago. But one of the many problems…he’s her best friends older brother, and her life couldn’t get any more complicated this summer…or could it?

I’d love to see what you come up with! I’ll credit you of course!

  • title: Bragging Rights
  • subtitle: n/a
  • author: Midge Midgets
  • mood/genre: the mood is bright and funny.
  • ideas: I know, the idea looks really stupid, but I’d like a plain notebook with a pencil next to it (preferably standing on a desk) and the title inside it in a handwritten font.
  • other: no, thx! It’s going to be posted on @m1dg3t5.

accepted for the second request!
but, for the first one, could you please tell me what you’d like to see on the cover?


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Haha I guess this Bess kind of example mood wise, would be the movie posters from the twilight saga! I can’t really think of a way to describe it lol

image image

Very subdued, darker color scheme yet still vaguely romantic. The story is about a girl who experiences love and pain. Does that help?

Lol I forgot I had a book trailer for this one!

If you still can’t come up with an idea it’s ok!

  • title: Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love
  • subtitle: Jon Moxley Fanfiction
  • author: Laura Ann Lee
  • mood/genre: Fanfic
  • ideas: Something like your third example but use this, this, or this
  • other: Thank you!

okay, i’ll have a go!

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@TwilaJames i’m really sorry, i only managed to make your second request! i make like 4 versions of the unbecoming cover but they just didn’t look good to me. thanks for requesting though x

open in a new tab to enlarge.

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title: Garden of Flowers

  • subtitle:
  • author: EjayOtaku
  • mood/genre: serene, beautiful,
  • ideas: Maybe flowers on a grave, or a severed flower in the air
  • other:

( I feel like I have to give you my summary, sorry)

Summary: The Flower-Catcher has for all of time been a protector and friend to the flowers, big and small. Happy as a sunflower on the outside, yet on the inside wilted and withered. When a gardener threatens the flowers of the Warden Woods, the Flower-Catcher must go to great lengths to save those he loves and restore peace among the gardens. Although the temptation to give into a necessary evil plagues his heart.

Thank you I love it! And it’s okay!!

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  • title: A Little Extra Pixie Dust
  • subtitle: N/A
  • author: Princess Auticorn
  • mood/genre: Happy & bubbly; Adventure/Drama
  • ideas: I really wouldn’t mind something to do with pixie dust. Maybe have Tinkerbell as the main focus. You could always just do something with sparkles… or whatever it is you want to do for the cover. ^^; I’m not going to be picky since your covers are really pretty!
  • other: Images ~ 1 | 2 | 3

I like your covers! They have really eye-catching designs!
Here’s my request:

Title: Bits and Pieces
Author: CherishingLightx3
Genre: Nonfiction/poetry
Mood: Bright, calm, peaceful
Ideas: I’m thinking a more aesthetic type of cover, since this is a book with writings about my personal story. Images that come to my mind for the cover are like: headphones, books, butterflies, or water? You can choose from whatever idea. I hope this isn’t too vague.