So I’m writing a story, and I really can’t think of a title for it, so I’m hoping you guys could give me suggestions.
It’s basically set up in alternate universe, where time travel is possible, and it’s main use is by the government to eliminate huge criminals, by travelling back in time and making sure their parent’s don’t meet. It’s the MC’s job to travel back in time and prevent a relationship, when she starts falling for the guy.
I’ve not worked out a blurb for it but I would really like suggestions for the title because I’m lost. Also which genre fits it best? Adventure or drama? I don’t necessarily want to put it in romance.

“now in the past” or maybe “Past Tense” i don’t know ill keep thinking


Thank you so much! and I look forward to anything else you think up :blush:

ok :sweat_smile:

I would say either adventure or action depending on what you will mostly talk about…

As for the title I’m not sure as you say:

  • time travel

  • criminals

  • love

:thinking: let me think…

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interesting premise. I would use the name of that government initiative as a platform or use some kind of adjacent language. I can see so much conflict manifesting from that premise because intelligence agencies having that kind of power can cause so many ripples in time. This is a title that has been used before but it works for this kind of thing and your execution would be different.

Working title: The butterfly effect. Or the butterfly project. Something of that nature.

If you’re familiar with the term its basically when one action in time causes ripples across the continuum.


oooo i see what your doing

Hot tip: Use the premise of your story and things in that immediate circle and you can almost always come up with a title. It can also be something within your story universe as well.

i know i never really have a problem coming up with a story title i currently have 5 stories started

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but thanks

Haha I think maybe I’m leaning more towards adventure

i think adventure would be better than drama

i have to do a writing sprint

ill be back in 15

I was considering butterfly effect but I realised my story really doesn’t divulge into the repercussions of time travel, it’s mostly to do with her ‘mission’ and time travelling in itself.
Thank you for the titles!

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Yes I think so too!

oooo how about “i’d go back in time for you”

Just a suggestion, but maybe you should think about that because it can potentially heighten the conflict and create more tension for your protagonist and her goal. Its up to you, but I think it might worth looking into :slight_smile:

terminator? oh wait…
jk jk I actually love this story idea, gonna follow you so I can read it!
In terms of a title, I’m pretty piss-poor with them. But, I really like to read classic poetry and find little impactful phrases that could work as titles. Like: I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world.
and then maybe I’d pick “Widening Circles” as a title. Get what I mean??

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I like the idea behind it but I’m into shorter titles :sweat_smile: I’m trying to come up with wordplays but I’m blank this time!